Review of Only You Single by XX Teens

Single review of 'Only You' by XX Teens released through Mute.

XX Teens Only You Single

If you're going to change your name, then surely it's best to go the whole hog and leave as little trace of your previous incarnation as possible, right? Well it worked a treat for Parva, Union, On A Friday and The Rain. Who? Exactly, so when Xerox Teens had the bright idea to revamp their image and sound a wee bit did it not occur to them that shortening their name to XX Teens was something of a cop out? Not to mention re-associating themselves with their past, whether they meant to or not.

And there folks, lies the problem. Live, XX Teens are actually a mesmerising force; dark and menacing in one aspect, brutally experimental in another, and never, ever dull. 'Only You' though tells a different story entirely - one dimensional, tuneless and instantly forgettable, which is a million miles from their all-encompassing stage show.

Hopefully this is just a minor blip, as previous single 'How To Reduce The Chances Of Being A Terror Victim' was an undervalued gem of a 45 that rivalled the likes of These New Puritans and Friendly Fires incendiary multi-genre cross pollination.

Better luck next time.

Dom Gourlay

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