A little bit of tension mixed with a ton of visually striking eye candy, Tian Zhuangzhuang crafts a quiet tale of reawakening with his first project in almost a decade. Simplicity is the key to Springtime in a Small Town, an attribute that both pricks our sense of humanity while it unfortunately relaxes into ordinary expectations.

Liyan (Wu Jun) and his wife Yu Wen (Hu Jing-fan) are living a quiet life amidst the Chinese depression of 1946, just after the war has come and gone to leave the community in ruins. Liyan has a strange sickness that keeps him from much physical exertion and Yu Wen selflessly tends to his needs before picking up the apparently singular available time occupier of needlepoint. Together, they look after Liyan's vibrant younger sister Xiu (Lu Si-si) and rarely speak as they pass the days.

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