Microsoft are keen to push XBOX Live – with their new Xbox One console coming out in November of this year – to the next level, offering up exclusive content for their customers.

And this doesn’t just mean games; the company are breaching protocol, much like Netflix did with House of Cards, and bringing television to their streaming platform, meaning Xbox Live could become another destination for top TV.

Microsoft knows its customers, too, especially gamers. They may have scared them somewhat with threats of DRM on their upcoming console, but when it comes to programming, they seem to have it right. An official, exlusive Halo TV series is already planned; Blake’s 7 is set to follow.

The British sci-fi drama, which enjoyed 13-episodes between 1978 and 1981, was first backed for a return by the network channel SyFy, but Microsoft have replaced them and look to be strengthening Xbox Live’s repertoire as a media hub rather than just a gaming machine, according to The Financial Times.

“The year is 2136, Blake wakes up on one side of the bed. He reaches for the other side. There’s nobody there. As reality sets in, this handsome ex-soldier sits up, and looks at a photo of his wife Rachel. Beautiful. Deceased,” Fremantle Media said of the show.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s newest generation of console, doubling up as a Blu-ray player, a content streaming device, and of course a games console. It is set to do battle with Sony’s PS4, which, while offering up some entertainment facilities, remains at heart a machine for video games.

HaloHalo will be one of the shows to kick off Xbox Live's TV content drive