TOCA Race Driver 2

TOCA Race Driver 2 on Xbox

Codemasters' TOCA Race Driver 2 has proved itself as The Ultimate Racing Simulator and roared straight to the top of the charts, achieving an immediate Number 1 placing in the UK 's Top 40 All-Formats games chart.

The game launched on Friday and its chart placing reflects just 3 days worth of retail sales on Xbox and PC. TOCA Race Driver 2 is also enjoying a chart-topping run in US retail charts and has also hit the Number 1 position in France , as has the Australian edition, where it was published as V8 Supercars 2.

This latest success on the best seller lists marks over seven years of race gaming dominance for the TOCA series since it was first introduced in November 1997 with TOCA Touring Car Challenge. The series continued with TOCA 2 Touring Cars and TOCA World Touring Cars before evolving to become TOCA Race Driver, also a Number 1 in 2002.

Xbox - TOCA Race Driver 2 on Xbox

31 Licensed and Fictional global Race Locations offering 48 tracks including Hockenheim from the German DTM series and Surfers Paradise from the Australian V8 series.

35 Aspirational Cars, including Ford GT, Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR, Nissan Skyline and AMG-Mercedes CLK.

Up to 21 Cars on track at once, battling for position.

Full online play for both platforms including LIVE for Xbox.

Highly sophisticated physics and handling engine, which combines the instant rewards of an intuitive racer, with the subtlety and nuances commonly associated with a simulation delivers incredibly playable realism.

The most realistic damage engine ever featured in a racing game affects the performance of every car. Windows smash, doors can be ripped open, and wheels torn from their axles. A head-on collision can leave the player's car a complete wreck of twisted metal and out of the race!!

The AI will show controlled aggression, making the AI drivers appear very competitive but avoiding unnecessary shunts and bumps.

A stunning new render engine, will allow for super smooth sixty frame per second graphics, as well as a host of enhanced graphical and video effects.

Interactive storyline drives you through all 31 Championships.

Delivering the definitive racing game experience, TOCA Race Driver 2 is now available for Xbox and PC, complete with Xbox Live™ and PC online play - enabling up to 12 racers to compete online simultaneously. The PC playable demos, along with game information and in-game footage and videos, is now available from:



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