X Press 2 Release New Single 'This Is War' Plus Summer 2011 Tour Dates

X Press 2 Release New Single 'This Is War' Plus Summer 2011 Tour Dates

THIS IS WAR!!! Round up the tribes X-Press 2 are back on the warpath this Summer with their most frenetic and infectious collaboration to date.

This time around they have steely company in the guise of 'Doll' from 'Doll and the Kicks' (she who famously supported Morrissey whilst still an unsigned act) and she ain't taking no prisoners as she joins the pair on the monster dance floor war cry anthem "This Is War".

Always fresh off the hook, Rocky and Diesel, the legendary Godfathers of House continue to emblazon their legendary touch exactly as they have done for the past 25 years. Bringing the meeting of two forward thinking minds to making music strictly for dance floor hedonism injected with pure but simple pleasure, creating straight up no frills epic bangers.

'This Is War' however adds into the duo's already existing tasty catalogue of offerings with an added layer unlike much of the pair's work so far as Doll brings her twisted Karen O charms to the track infusing it with her future fusion. Think all the best traits of a Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani having scrap and you are somewhere to getting on riding Doll's Voodoo vibe as she brings her frantic yet focused energy into the mix.

With Mixes to come from Kink and Chordashian very soon, get ready to get your dance floor armour on this is one heavyweight package to wage war over.

The House of X-press 2:

So many nights and days and 25 years of being in and DJing at amazing clubs and parties are what inspires' X-Press 2 to keep doing what they do. It was the dance floor that told them to be DJs in the first place and the dance floor that inspired the early tracks that they made. X-Press 2 loved that whole going out and hearing all sorts of music in one night. DJs like Alfredo and Larry Levan were champions of this style of DJing and it was thanks to people like them that the boys were able to do what they have done over the years. The old guard are still an inspiration for their music, both as DJs and producers but they are constantly checking for new names who always come along and give things a slightly different slant on what's gone before. It's a combination of the old and the new that truly underpins X-Press 2's music nowadays. From listening to an old jazz album from the 60s next to a hot new track from someone like Feygin and can totally blow them away. This is what keeps X-Press 2 going into the studio and making the music that they do best. "All that we've ever wanted to do out of our music is to see people dance and get that empathy with the dance floor, knowing how a track makes us feel and seeing it have the same effect on 2000 people dancing as you play it."