Review of Muzikizum Single by X Press 2

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8. X-press 2 "Muzikizum" (12" - Skint)
X-press 2 are on the next leg of their musical quest. Over a decade of varying musical pseudonyms and guises (The Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra and Rocky's Problem Kids - to name but a few) and the threesome of Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel emerge yet again like the proverbial phoenix from the flames.

They have shifted their label allegiances to Skint, ("They're old muckers, it's the acid house handshake") and with a 6 deck residency at Fabric their pulling power is obviously still as strong as ever. "Muzikizum" is released as the perpetrators, "knee-deep in loops, samples and breaks" retreat into studio land in the hope of coming up with a stunner of a debut album.

Not an easy task - they have a lot to live up to. But if Muzikizum (a pulsating, echo chamber of old school house flavours and enough gumph to get your Granny waving her hands in the air) is anything to go by, the spell is already being weaved and we've got more than a lot to look forward to.