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Mickey And Spidey -- Together At Last

31st August 2009

! In a deal that could unite Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man (at least in theme parks, if not in movies), the Walt Disney Co. has agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment for about $4 billion in...

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Rebecca Romijn Feels Pressured

19th August 2009

Rebecca Romijn feels under pressure to lose weight.The 'X-Men' actress is determined to shed the pounds she gained while expecting her seven-month-old twin daughters and slim down to her pre-pregnancy size because the film industry...

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Hugh Jackman Stronger Than Reynolds

11th July 2009

Hugh Jackman would beat Ryan Reynolds in an arm wrestle.Ryan insists Hugh is much stronger than him, and claims if the pair were ever to fight his 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' co-star would definitely triumph.Ryan said:...

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Worst Camper Paris Hilton

18th June 2009

Paris Hilton has been voted the celebrity campers would least like to share a tent with.A survey of more than 500 music festival attendees has found that 48 per cent of people would rather sleep...

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15th June 2009

Former gossip columnist Roger Friedman is planning to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, claiming that he was a victim of a campaign by prominent Hollywood members of the Church of...

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Jennie Garth's Doctor Fantasy

5th June 2009

Jennie Garth makes her husband dress up as a doctor during sex.The American actress finds her spouse Peter Facinelli's'Twilight' character Dr. Carlisle Cullen such a turn on she regularly begs him to bring his outfit...

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What Goes Up Goes Down

2nd June 2009

It was an up weekend at the box office for Disney as its Pixar-produced Up opened with $68.11 million, beating last year's debut of WALL-E -- and less than $2 million behind Pixar's two biggest...

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Up Flies At Box Office

1st June 2009

E Any doubt about whether an animated movie featuring a 78-year-old man as the principal character could become successful at the box office faded into the clouds over the weekend as Disney/Pixar's Up opened with...

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How High Is Up?

29th May 2009

There's no disagreement that Disney/Pixar's Up will dominate the box office this weekend. The only disagreement is about how far up its gross will go. Disney distribution chief Chuck Viane predicted Thursday that Up will...

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Is The Box-office Hot Streak Over?

27th May 2009

Box office analysts are starting to ask whether the movie business has run out of steam after the four-day Memorial Day holiday performed no better than a year ago -- despite numerous high-budget films highlighting...

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Memorial Day Not Memorable At Box Office

26th May 2009

Despite a glut of $100-million+ movies filling movie houses over the Memorial Day weekend, the base of ticket-buying customers did not expand to accommodate them. The number of tickets sold was substantially the same as...

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Huge Weekend For Museum, Terminator

25th May 2009

Although it had been widely predicted that the Night at the Museum and Terminator sequels would run a tight race at the box office this weekend, the Ben Stiller comedy sprinted far ahead of the...

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Steve Jones' Jackman Sex Proposal

24th May 2009

Steve Jones wants Hugh Jackman to lick his genitals.The 32-year-old British TV presenter - who has been romantically linked to a string of famous beauties, including Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson and Girls Aloud singer Sarah...

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Sandra Bullock Mocks Ryan

20th May 2009

Sandra Bullock has mocked Ryan Reynolds for being a nobody.The Hollywood actress - who stars alongside the 32-year-old actor and Betty White in 'The Proposal' - launched a light-hearted foul-mouthed tirade against the star in...

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Sunday Ticket Sales Off For Angels & Demons

19th May 2009

Ticket sales for Sony's Angels & Demons dipped far more steeply than expected on Sunday, resulting in a weekend gross that was nearly $2 million less than the studio had estimated. The movie's $46.2-million total...

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Angels & Demons Beats Star Trek

18th May 2009

Just as moviegoers paid no attention to critics or conservative Catholics when The Da Vinci Code opened three years ago, they turned out mass-ively for Angels & Demons over the weekend, ignoring nearly universal condemnation...

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Viacom Keeps On Trekin'

12th May 2009

Viacom stock went where no other media stock had gone on Monday -- up. Surprisingly strong ticket sales for the new Star Trek, produced by Viacom-owned Paramount, buoyed the company's shares and kept it from...

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Star Trek Beams Up Profits Overseas, Too

11th May 2009

Star Trek led the overseas box office with what Daily Variety described as "a solid rather than spectacular" take of $35.5 million in 54 countries. X-Men Origins Wolverine held up better abroad than it did...

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Star Trek Goes Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before

11th May 2009

Guaranteeing that the franchise would live much longer, Star Trek prospered at the box office over the weekend, earning an estimated $76.5 million, including $4 million from previews Thursday on a limited number of screens....

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Fox Claims 4 Million Copies Of Wolverine Downloaded

7th May 2009

Without citing a source for his information, News Corp. President and COO Peter Chernin claimed on Wednesday that the pirated workprint of X-Men Origins Wolverine that hit the Internet in late March has now been...

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Star Trek Warps Time For Weekend Release

7th May 2009

Forget about midnight releases on Thursday to pad the opening box office for expected blockbusters. Many theaters have scheduled screenings for as early as 5 00 p.m. for tonight's release of the new Star Trek...

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The X Factor Ticket-sales Fall-off

5th May 2009

Ticket sales for X-Men Origins Wolverine fell off more steeply on Sunday than 20th Century Fox executives had expected. The result was that the movie ended up with a total of $85.1 million versus the...

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Wolverine Rakes In $87 Million

4th May 2009

Despite last month's online release of a pirated workprint, competition from the telecast of a Saturday-night NBA game between the Celtics and Bulls, and a slew of unwelcoming reviews, Twentieth Century Fox's X-Men Origins Wolverine...

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Movie Reviews Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

1st May 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past , starring Matthew McConaughey, is being touted as an alternative to the latest X-Men movie. Maybe so, but the critics are not any more pleased with the romantic comedy than they...

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More Reviews X-men Origins Wolverine

1st May 2009

Additional reviews are in today (Friday) for X-Men Origins Wolverine , and they're not much better than the first ones, which appeared Thursday following the movie's midnight opening. A.O. Scott in the New York Times...

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Studios Flee Mexican Flu

30th April 2009

Hollywood studios are postponing the release of their early summer movies in Mexico due to concerns over the spread of the swine flu, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Thursday). Particularly affected, the newspaper said,...

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Early Reviews X-men Origins Wolverine

30th April 2009

The theme of most of the early reviews of X-Men Origins Wolverine is similar too much flash, too little imagination. Moviegoers will be able to see the special effects that were not included in the...

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Wolverine Expected To Tear Up Box Office

30th April 2009

There appears to be little doubt that X-Men Origins Wolverine will open this weekend with the biggest gross of the year -- possibly as high as $120-130 million -- thereby setting a record for the...

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Fox Spokesman Shoulders Blame For False Wolverine Report

29th April 2009

Fox spokesman Chris Petrikin is attempting to deflect criticism over the handling of the X-Men Origins Wolverine bootleg controversy aimed at studio Co-Chairman Tom Rothman. Rothman had been the object of much derision after claiming...

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Flu Scare Scares Off Wolverine

28th April 2009

Twentieth Century Fox has canceled Wednesday's Mexico City premiere of X-Men Origins Wolverine , citing the swine flu, which has claimed more than 150 lives in that country. Hugh Jackman, who stars in the title...

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