Wyclef Jean is adamant the Fugees will never reform - despite insisting bandmate Lauryn Hill is the most talented woman he has ever worked with.
The hip-hop trio enjoyed success in the 1990s, winning critical acclaim and selling a huge 18 million copies of their album, The Score.
The group, comprised of Jean, Hill and rapper Pras Michel, split in 1997, to the disappointment of its fans.
And Jean, who went on to enjoy a hugely successful producing career, is happy for the band to remain a thing of the past - because a reunion would destroy the "myth" of the Fugees.
He says, "To me, they're (Fugees) great and they're gonna always be great. But the Fugees, it's better that it leaves the myth vibe. Like The Score is a myth. When you hear it, it's a myth. It was done in the basement. Like you don't wanna go from there to do a sequel and you've destroyed your complete myth."
But despite the fact he isn't aiming to team up with Hill again, the rapper still considers his former frontwoman one of the best in the business.
He adds, "When I met Lauryn she was 14. Til today, I've worked with a whole lot of women in the studio... her talent surpasses talent. She's the best rapper, she's the best singer. It's all equal. It's not like she's gonna sing a song and when she rhymes she's gonna slack on it."