Wyclef Jean is planning to complain to the head of the United Nations (U.N.) amid allegations officials used tear gas to maintain order while handing out food to victims of the Haiti earthquake.
The former Fugees star, a native Haitian himself, headed back to his homeland along with volunteers from his Yele Haiti foundation after the tremor devastated the country last month (Jan10).
He has filmed the plight of his fellow Haitians in a bid to highlight the need for aid in the ravaged nation.
Footage from other photographers allegedly shows U.N. workers using powerful MACe tear gas spray to control the crowds, and Jean insists he wants answers from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
He tells Radio Planet TV DJ Whoo Kid, "I was there doing a food drive and when I was on my way to the food drive, I saw that long line with the U.N. and it's like, if I was on the line and I was in the front of that line with the U.N., I would have clearly told them you can't MACe nobody (sic).
"If you spend eight or nine days and don't eat, you're gonna wild out (sic). Period. We do not approve the MACing and we're not going for it. I'm gonna speak with the head of the U.N. about that."
Jean has also taken his rant to his Twitter.com page, writing, "The U.N. should not be spraying MACe on my people's faces, it is simply unacceptable! They have to improve their food distribution methods! Someone from the U.N. should call me now this is not cool and I have lost my cool!"