Wu-Tang Clan rapper MASTA KILLA is encouraging fans to turn vegetarian after joining a campaign by the youth division of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The star cut out all meat from his diet 13 years ago after he was taught by his grandmother about the importance of respecting animals.
And now he's looking to inspire a new generation of teens to follow suit, by recording a new public service announcement (PSA) - introducing fans to his four-year-old son, Eternal, who has been vegetarian since birth, reports AllHipHop.com.
In the peta2 campaign, he says, "Growing up, I was taught to love and respect all life. Now that Im a parent, Im teaching my son to love and respect all life too. We dont think that any creature should have to suffer or die for our dinner when there are so many other foods for us to choose from."