Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey are the latest big name stars to ditch the silver screen in favour of premium television drama and will star together in HBO's latest hotly-anticipated series True Detective. Both stars are as eager to see the show on TV as the viewing public and believe that the drama can be the next big thing on the premium cable chanel.

True Detective
The new series holds a lot of promise

Speaking at the recent Television Critics Association meeting, where both Harrelson and McConaughey were there to promote the upcoming series, the two stars seemed thoroughly excited for the new show to premiere. McConaughey in particular seemed very excited for the new show, promising that the detective series will be "epic."

In the show, McConaughey plays rural Louisiana police detective Rust Cohle, a former undercover narcotics officer now obsessed with his job as a investigative detective. Struggling to keep his personal demons at bay, he plays the wild man opposite Harrelson's more reserved Martin Hart, an against-type casting that see's the former Cheers alum play Cohle's well-tempered detective partner who always shows up at the job, but is plighted by his troubled with drink outside of hours.

Five reasons to watch True Detective

Based on Nic Pizzolatto's crime novel of the same name, the story goes back and forth from the 90's to now as the pair are once again pitted against the same killer who evaded capture years before following a vicious murder spree, only to return with a murderous agenda again.

There is a lot riding on True Detective, as the show will look to replace Boardwalk Empire and True Blood as HBO's flagship drama, so there is little wonder that the show's stars are speaking so highly of the drama.

The season premiere of True Detective airs on HBO on Sunday, 12 January at 9 PM.

Woody HarrelsonMatthew McConaughey
Harrelson and McConaugheywill be on HBO this Sunday