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Das Boot Author Dies

LOTHAR-GUENTHER BUCHHEIM, the author of German war novel DAS BOOT died of heart failure on Thursday (22FEB07) at the age of 89. Buchheim's most famous work detailed the life on World War II Nazi submarine...

Kruger Fills Out For Mandela Movie

German beauty DIANE KRUGER is ditching her stunning looks for her new role as the ageing wife of NELSON MANDELA's racist prison guard. The actress, who shot to fame as HELEN OF TROY - reputedly...

Petersen Slams Poseidon Original

POSEIDON director WOLFGANG PETERSEN has slammed the original THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE as "terribly over-acted". The German film-maker insists his latest blockbuster - starring KURT RUSSELL and RICHARD DREYFUSS - is not a remake of the...

Rossum Faces Up To Water Fears For Poseidon

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA star EMMY ROSSUM had to face up to her biggest fear on the set of new disaster film POSEIDON - swimming underwater. The actress took on the role in the sinking...

Lucas Injured On Poseidon Set

Movie star JOSH LUCAS hopes he never has to film another adventure movie like POSEIDON because the shoot left him injured and in immense pain. The SWEET HOME ALABAMA star felt sure the experience...

Troy's A Hit For Marlins Pitcher

Movie maker WOLFGANG PETERSEN was so thrilled to hear that top baseball star DONTRELLE WILLIS prepares for games by watching scenes from TROY, he sent him his own signed copy of the DVD. FLORIDA...

Poseidon Remake To Be A Star-studded Spectacular

Director WOLFGANG PETERSEN is remaking classic 1972 movie THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE - and a bevy of stars are lined up to appear in the screen spectacular. The big-budget film will star movie legend KURT...

Owen Thrilled At Wolfgang Offer

British actor CLIVE OWEN is celebrating after landing the lead role in WOLFGANG PETERSEN's eagerly awaited remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. The CLOSER star will play the heroic priest Hollywood actor GENE HACKMAN portrayed...

Wahlberg's Agonising Perfect Storm

MARK WAHLBERG was in agony for two weeks on the set of THE PERFECT STORM after an earplug was pushed underneath his eardrum during a high seas scene. The movie hunk had to have...

Bullitt Back With A Bang

TROY director WOLFGANG PETERSEN is reviving STEVE McQUEEN's classic movie BULLITT, with a little help from the acting legend's son. The movie-maker plans to recreate McQueen's famous cop character FRANK BULLITT, who thrilled audiences...

Pitt's Troy Dominates Box Office

BRAD PITT's ancient epic TROY is sat atop the American box office, after raking in $45.6 million (GBP25.3 million) during its opening weekend. Although Troy fell short of the $50 million (GBP27.7 million) benchmark...

Petersen Asks Men To Bare All While Women Stay Clothed

Acclaimed filmmaker WOLFGANG PETERSEN has served up a treat to women in his new movie TROY - there are more naked shots of hunks like BRAD PITT and ORLANDO BLOOM than the movie's female stars....

Pitt's Injury Wrecked Lighting Sequence On Troy

BRAD PITT's Achilles tendon tear could not have come at a worse time for his TROY director WOLFGANG PETERSEN, who is convinced eagle-eyed film fans will spot the epic's continuity problem. Petersen filmed Pitt's...

Troy Was An Epic Struggle For Wolfgang

Movie maker WOLFGANG PETERSEN hopes people turn out in droves to see his summer blockbuster TROY - because the project was a massive undertaking that left him struggling with disasters. The director faced one...

Skinny Orlando's Body Worries

British movie star ORLANDO BLOOM spent the first two weeks of shooting TROY working out like a madman after realising he's look like a skinny weakling next to co-stars BRAD PITT and ERIC BANA....

Troy Director Unworried By Pitt Injury

TROY director WOLFGANG PETERSEN was unconcerned when BRAD PITT tore his Achilles' tendon whilst filming the lavish new epic - because he was so confident about the movie. Pitt was out of action for...

Burrows Praises Petersen

Movie actress SAFFRON BURROWS is confident forthcoming blockbuster TROY will wow audiences - because she believes veteran director WOLFGANG PETERSEN has crafted a masterpiece. The British beauty, who stars alongside BRAD PITT and ORLANDO...

Troy Expectations Hanging On Pitt

Hollywood superstar BRAD PITT is so worried about the reaction to his upcoming epic TROY that he has appealed to the Greek gods for help. The FIGHT CLUB hunk is proud to be part...

Pitt's Leg Replacement?

Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT has reportedly had shots of his legs replaced on new historical drama TROY - because they didn't have that "GLADIATOR look". According to London newspaper THE EVENING STANDARD, producers on...

Brad Pitt.s Troy Beaten By Cable Tv Station

BRAD PITT and director WOLFGANG PETERSEN's big screen epic TROY has been beaten to the post - by a cable TV version of the mythological tale. America's USA NETWORK is set to premiere the...

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Nickelodeon Planning On Reviving Some Of Their 90s Classics, Could ‘The Rugrats’ Or ‘Hey Arnold’ Return To Our Screens?

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Spielberg Believes Superhero Movies Have A Shelf Life

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