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Jet Li's Hero Still Surprising Movie Experts In America

6th September 2004

Chinese martial arts movie HERO continues to shock Hollywood by notching up a second week as the country's top film. The ZHANG YIMOU film, which is set in the third century BC and stars...

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Exorcist Prequel Attracts Terrified Cinemagoers

23rd August 2004

Prequel EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING has scared up another chart-topping movie weekend for the horror franchise at the American box office. The RENNY HARLIN film, which stars STELLAN SKARSGARD as a young FATHER MERRIN, made...

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Comedy Film Producers Seek Suge's Ok For Rap Anthem

20th August 2004

The producers of new movie WITHOUT A PADDLE were forced to seek clearance from rap mogul SUGE KNIGHT when they inadvertently used an old rap anthem he owns the rights to in their film....

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Seth Green Caught In Near-fatal Incident On Movie Set

2nd August 2004

Actor SETH GREEN was left questioning his daredevil attitude, after he faced death on the set of his upcoming comedy WITHOUT A PADDLE. The 30-year-old screen star, who stars in the movie alongside MATTHEW...

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