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This Is Spinal Tap Tops Comedy Movie Poll

This Is Spinal Tap Anchorman Dan Aykroyd Edgar Wright Ghostbusters Monty Python Rob Reiner Shaun Of The Dead Some Like It Hot Stephen Merchant The Script Withnail And I

'This Is Spinal Tap' has been voted the greatest movie comedy of all time.

The 1984 cult mockumentary - which was directed by Rob Reiner and featured a cast of unknowns playing a spoof band who made much of The Script up on the spot - beat 'Airplane!' into second place in a poll by Time Out magazine.

Time Out critic David Jenkins said: "It's sublimely funny and sharp - a comedy built for the long haul which matures with each viewing. It's so perfectly constructed and performed, the characters so rich and realistic, that it's initially a challenge to determine the dividing line between reality and fiction."

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Grant Exposes Bogus Aids Claim

Withnail And I

English actor RICHARD E GRANT became a real life hero after going undercover to expose a potentially deadly AIDS cure claim.
The Withnail And I star was approached by a neighbour and asked to put his name to a company that had developed a cure for the disease.
Grant became suspicious when he discovered that the anecdote was goat serum which they planned to inject dying African victims with. Concerned, he contacted British documentary programme NEWSNIGHT.
The actor and the show's production crew worked together to extract more information about the bogus claims, before exposing them on the television programme.
Grant says, "My alarm bells went off because the moment I heard about this goat serum, to a layman it sounded like snake oil.
"If I had been signed up to that, I would have been supporting their death sentence."

Mcgann: 'Drunk Students Quote Withnail Every Year'

Paul McGann Withnail And I McG

British actor Paul McGann is reminded of his signature role in Withnail And I at the start of each academic year, because drunk university students flock to his house and shout out his character's lines.
The 46-year-old made his movie debut as MARWOOD in the 1987 cult classic.
MCGann now lives in Bristol, England and still has the movie quoted at him nearly 20 years later, especially each September, when new students arrive in the city.
He says, "The new student intake has just come in, and they've drunk their first grant cheque and seen Withnail And I... and I know they've seen it. They usually holler across the street.
"The other day, some kid had chalked on the pavement outside my house, 'Perfumed Ponce', with an arrow pointing to my front door."

Grant: 'Withnail Would Be Great On Stage'

Richard E. Grant Withnail And I Bruce Robinson

LATEST: Actor Richard E Grant wants Withnail And I to hit the London stage despite fierce opposition by the film's writer/director Bruce Robinson. Robinson is fighting Hand Made films, the production company behind the 1987 classic, over their plans to adapt it for the theatre. The director is reportedly still yet to receive his full director's fee nearly 20 years after the movie's release, and he has accused film bosses of trying to wring extra money out of his popular story. But Grant insists the tale of two 'resting' actors in London is perfect for the stage, as long as Robinson directs it. He says, "This guy (Hand Made chairman) PETER MEEHAN, who has bought the film library of Handmade Films, has come up with this plan. "But he's never approached Bruce Robinson and he doesn't own the rights to do it as a stage play. Bruce was incandescent when he read about it. "I think it would make a good play - a few characters, set in a room. It's very dialogue bound and there's very little action, so I could see it working well. "If it does, I just hope that Bruce Robinson gets to do it, because he's never earned a bean of profit from Withnail."

E Grant Dismisses Age Gaps

Richard E. Grant Withnail And I Orlando Bloom

Actor Richard E Grant is dismissive of age gap taboos when it comes to romance - because he barely notices he is eight years younger than his wife JOAN.

The Withnail And I actor, 48, insists his dialect coach spouse has no reason to feel insecure, however he has to compete with Orlando Bloom for her attentions.

He says, "I don't think about the age difference.

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Withnail Star Is New Dr Who

Withnail And I Richard E. Grant Doctor Who

Withnail And I actor Richard E Grant is to be the new Dr Who when Britain's BBC revives the legendary sci-fi TV series.

The character of the Doctor roamed the galaxy and travelled through time in the TARDIS, defeating evil foes such as the DALEKS and CYBERMEN. He has not been seen since a 1996 movie, but is to be brought back in a new incarnation for an animated adventure.

The finished product to be screened in November (03), will celebrate the show's 40th anniversary.

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