Winona Ryder tried to rebel against her free spirited parents by being normal.

The 'Black Swan' actress moved to Rainbow, a hippie commune in California with her parents Cynthia Palmer and Michael Horowitz when she was seven years old but admitted she wasn't entirely happy with the lifestyle.

She said: "I went through this stage where I was really square. We lived on this commune, and there was this beautiful waterfall. And there'd be a lot of kids that were naked. But I was in a bathing suit."

Winona has admitted to having a "semi breakdown" in her twenties but the actress thinks accessing her inner emotions when she was preparing for tough roles could have been partly responsible for it.

She said: "I think, yeah, there's a lot of danger in that. And I think that made me freak out a little bit. I think I was playing with fire there, for a while. I did, definitely, but I also loved it."