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The Things They Say 18575

25th October 2010

"I go upstairs, I turn on the TV, I watch Golden Girls. I love that show. It's just so funny!" WILL SMITH's singer/actress daughter WILLOW on her guilty pleasure before she goes to bed each...

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Willow Smith Not Allowed To Read Negative Reviews

25th October 2010

WILL SMITH has banned his young daughter WILLOW from reading critics' reviews of her debut single WHIP MY HAIR - because he doesn't want negative comments tainting her venture into the pop industry.The nine year...

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Smith's Daughter Cries At Video Premiere

19th October 2010

WILL SMITH's nine-year-old daughter WILLOW broke down in tears on U.S. TV on Monday (18Oct10) after unveiling her first music video.The talented youngster was accompanied by her famous father and her mum Jada Pinkett Smith...

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Jay-z Snaps Up Willow Smith For Roc Nation

9th September 2010

WILL SMITH's daughter WILLOW has landed a big boost in her bid to become a pop star - rap mogul JAY-Z has signed the young actress/singer to his record label.Nine-year-old Willow, who starred alongside her...

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Smith's Daughter Aiming High In Fashion

27th July 2010

WILL SMITH's daughter WILLOW is aiming to make her mark on the fashion industry - she shares a stylist with RIHANNA and hopes to launch her own clothing line.The nine-year-old actress has already embraced her...

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Pinkett Smith's Daughter Inspired Mum's Naked Magazine Cover Shot

22nd June 2010

JADA PINKETT SMITH had no intention of allowing U.S. magazine editors to use a nude shot of her for the cover of Essence - until she received a glowing compliment from her nine-year-old daughter WILLOW.The...

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The Things They Say 16882

12th June 2010

"She bullies me a lot. Me and my older brother are very close. Me and my sister on the other hand, not so much." THE KARATE KID star JADEN SMITH, 11, shares a closer bond...

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Pinkett Smith Helps Daughter Kick Start Music Career

10th June 2010

JADA PINKETT SMITH has put aside her musical ambitions to help her daughter WILLOW launch her own career as a singer.The Nutty Professor star has always dreamed of pursuing a career as a singer and...

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Jaden And Willow Smith Join Aids Awareness Campaign

6th October 2009

WILL and JADA PINKETT SMITH's actor children JADEN and WILLOW have become youth ambassadors to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.Jaden, 11, and Willow, eight, are working with toy manufacturer Hasbro's Project Zambi,...

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Smith's Acting Advice For Willow

16th July 2009

WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH's daughter WILLOW made sure she was well prepared for her TV debut - she turned to her famous father for acting advice.Eight-year-old Willow - who appeared in her dad's...

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Smith's Daughter To Make Small Screen Debut

7th July 2009

WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH's daughter WILLOW is building an acting career to rival her famous parents' - she's set make her TV debut later this month (Jul09).Eight-year-old Willow - who has already appeared...

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The Things They Say 10803

16th January 2009

"You can have your movies, you can have your career, but if you open against Daddy... I don't mind if you do win, but if you actually do win, there's no reason for you to...

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The Things They Say 8927

18th July 2008

"It looks like a brand new grandmother's house. Everything's new. It doesn't smell like grandma's but it looks like it. There's no STAR WARS stuff anywhere. There's a little hallway with the WILLOW wand and...

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Will Smith's Daughter Not Fussed By Box Office Battle

20th June 2008

LATEST: WILL SMITH's daughter WILLOW doesn't mind if her new film is beaten at the box office by her father's new release HANCOCK - as long as he continues to spoil her with "nice things"....

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Smith And Daughter Go To Battle On Big Screen

17th June 2008

WILL SMITH and his daughter WILLOW are set for a big screen battle in July (08) when their new films are released on the same day. Seven-year-old Willow Smith's film Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl...

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The Things They Say 6363

3rd December 2007

"JADEN is (like) JOHNNY DEPP, he just wants to do good work... He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies. And WILLOW is (like) PARIS HILTON. Willow wants to be on TV." Actor...

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Smith Wants More Kids

21st December 2006

WILL SMITH wants to add to his family but is struggling to persuade wife JADA PINKETT SMITH to fall pregnant. The ALI actor already has son JADEN, eight, and daughter WILLOW, six, with his wife...

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Fascinating Fact 2615

18th December 2006

WILL SMITH is riding his luck after finding that acting with his kids brings out the best in him - he'll act alongside daughter WILLOW in his next movie. The actor won his first Golden...

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Will Smith Home-schools His Kids

21st November 2006

WILL SMITH refuses to send his two children with wife JADA PINKETT SMITH to school, claiming the system limits their education. Smith insists he didn't learn his most valuable lessons in school and claims there...

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Perabo Impressed With Timberlake

5th June 2006

Actress PIPER PERABO was pleasantly surprised when her movie co-star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was nothing like she expected. The IMAGINE ME AND YOU star met Timberlake when they shot the upcoming film EDISON together, and she...

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Blige And Pinkett Smith Team Up For Mother's Day

9th May 2006

MARY J BLIGE and JADA PINKETT SMITH are starring in a new Mother's Day advertisement for natural beauty firm Carol's Daughter. The two friends pose with Jada's daughter WILLOW, while wearing designer ballgowns, in the...

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Smith Wants To Boost Wife's Career

3rd January 2006

Hollywood star WILL SMITH wants his wife JADA PINKETT SMITH to take over as the main 'breadwinner' so that he can sit back and relax. The HITCH star, 37, insists that now their children...

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Kilmer Stalked Whalley Before They Met

8th December 2005

VAL KILMER stalked his ex-wife, British actress JOANNE WHALLEY, before he had the courage to ask her for a date. The TOP GUN star fell for the English beauty while filming his first film...

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Pinkett Smith Places Family Above Movie Career

26th June 2005

JADA PINKETT SMITH has hit out at parents who consider their career more important than the welfare of their children. The MADAGASCAR actress is appalled people were shocked at her decision to leave...

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The Real Mr + Mrs Smith Shoot Family Ad For Bet Awards

12th June 2005

WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH are turning their three kids into stars by including them in their TV ads for the upcoming BLACK ENTERTAINMENT (BET) AWARDS, which the Hollywood couple will present on 28...

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Lucas Considers Willow Tv Series

25th April 2005

STAR WARS creator GEORGE LUCAS is considering bringing back his fantasy film WILLOW as a TV series. The movie mogul met up with Willow star WARWICK DAVIES at the STAR WARS: CELEBRATION III event...

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Davis Working On Secret Agent Role

15th April 2005

Diminutive HARRY POTTER star WARWICK DAVIS is planning a new movie about a tiny secret agent. Davis, who first found fame in 1988 fantasy adventure WILLOW, has been working on a script for AGENT...

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Pinkett Smith Takes On Girl Power After Daughter's Sex Query

31st March 2005

Actress JADA PINKETT SMITH is already tackling sexual issues with her four-year-old daughter WILLOW. THE MATRIX star was inspired to write new book GIRLS HOLD UP THIS WORLD by her young daughter's take on...

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Jada Pens Book To Inspire Young Girls

30th March 2005

Actress JADA PINKETT SMITH has written a new book to help build young girls' self esteem. The COLLATERAL star, wife of WILL SMITH, has just released GIRLS HOLD UP THIS WORLD, which features a...

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Will And Jada Opt To Homeschool Their Children

27th January 2005

Hollywood couple WILL and JADA PINKETT SMITH have decided to homeschool their children, because they're unimpressed with America's educational system. The ALI co-stars have six-year-old son JADEN, daughter WILLOW, four, TREY, 12, Will's...

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