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Duck Dynasty... The Musical? Eccentric Family Reportedly Creating 90 Minute Las Vegas Show

By Elinor Cosgrave | 13th November 2014

The Robertsons, the family the reality show Duck Dynasty centres on, are known for a variety of things including their beards and ability to make offensive and out of date comments at the drop of...

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'Duck Dynasty's' Jep Robertson Hospitalized After Suffering A Seizure While Hunting

By Nick Hill | 27th October 2014

Jep Robertson, the star of reality series 'Duck Dynasty,' is currently recovering and happy to be alive after suffering a seizure sometime last week while enjoying a deer-hunting getaway. The 36-year-old suddenly fell ill, but...

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Duck Dynasty's Jep Robertson Hospitalised After Suffering Seizure

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th October 2014

Jep Robertson, the star of reality series Duck Dynasty, was reportedly been rushed to hospital last Sunday (19th October). It seems the 36-year-old was on a deer hunt when he was taken suddenly ill. Robertson...

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Not Again! Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Unleashes Homophobic Hate At Church

By Lauren James | 23rd May 2014

The reality TV star clearly hasn't learned his lesson. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has opened his big mouth again and unleashed the kind of hate-filled spew that saw him suspended from Duck Dynasty late...

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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson Headed To State Of The Union Address

By Nick Hill | 29th January 2014

Willie Robertson, who is a star in A&E's reality television show 'Duck Dynasty', is going to attend President Obama's State of Union address.The 41 year-old will be headed to the nation's capital on Tuesday night...

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Duck Dynasty Suffers Huge Ratings Drop As Fifth Season Commences

By Joe Wilde | 17th January 2014

Duck Dynasty returned for its fifth season on Wednesday, 15 January, night and did so with expectations held high for what was so often considered America's favourite reality series. The latest season's premiere episode did...

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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Advice: Marry A 15 Year-old Girl Who Can Cook And Carry A Bible [Video]

By Lauren James | 31st December 2013

Phil Robertson upset millions when his homophobic and racist interview with GQ surfaced last week but it seems that the 67 year-old Duck Dynasty personality has managed to cause offence yet again with some incendiary...

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Amidst Growing Pressure, A&e Welcome Phil Robertson Back To 'Duck Dynasty'

By Joe Wilde | 28th December 2013

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson will return to the show following a short suspension period, owing to his off hand comments about homosexuals in a recent interview with GQ. His comments shocked many, yet to others...

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A&e Welcome Back Phil Rbertson To 'Duck Dynasty' After Negative Comments On Homosexuality

By Nick Hill | 28th December 2013

Television network A&E seem to have lifted the suspension on 'Duck Dynasty' cast member Phil Robertson despite controversy still surrounding his comments on homosexuality.The Patriarch of the Robertson family will return to film the reality...

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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Won't Back Down Amidst Growing Support

By Lauren James | 24th December 2013

In an outrageous tale of modern morality, Phil Robertson's comments have been defended by more big names in America who are keen to associate themselves with the controversial reality television star. Last week, GQ Magazine...

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'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson Refuses To Explain Himself Following Homosexuality Comments

By Joe Wilde | 23rd December 2013

Phil Robertson caused widespread controversy when his comments on homosexuality were published in the January issue of GQ magazine, with many outraged people summoning Robertson to explain himself and to suffer some retribution for his...

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Networks Put On Alert As A&e Consider Future Of 'Duck Dynasty'

By Joe Wilde | 22nd December 2013

Following head duck-man Phil Robertson's ill-advised comments about homosexuality in the January issue of GQ magazine, A&E have been pressured to reconsider their commitment to the hit reality series. After suspending the aged Robertson from...

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Duck Dynasty: Why Is Phil Robertson's Homosexual Pov Being Defended?

By Lauren James | 20th December 2013

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson may have been slammed by much of the world's media and suspended from the reality television show by A&E, but this hasn't prevented the controversial Robertson patriarch from being publically defended...

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Garth Brooks' Box Set Debuts At No. 1 As Britney Spears Struggles To Make An Impact On Billboard 200

By Joe Wilde | 12th December 2013

Garth Brooks released his new box set, Blame It All on My Roots, to an eager fan-base last week, who have managed to see it rise from No. 3 in the Billboard 200 to the...

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Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Crashes Pittsburgh Wedding, Sort Of

By Michael West | 22nd August 2013

"Hey hunny, remember at Meghan and Charlie's wedding when that guy from Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, turned up to give advice?"Yeah, it's a conversation likely to be had in the future by the friends of...

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Si, Duck Dynasty Uncle, Believes In Resurrection Of The Dead

By Michael West | 15th August 2013

Uncle Si, Duck Dynasty's very own Vietnam veteran, shares his wisdom and philosophy in his new book Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle.In a promotional video for the book, Uncle Si...

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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson Planning On Moving Into Politics?

By Joe Wilde | 13th August 2013

Willie Robertson, the self-described 'redneck millionaire' star of A&E's hit reality series Duck Dynasty might be the next famous face to make the leap from television to politics. A report from the Washington Examiner published...

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