William Shatner didn't think 'Star Trek' would be a success.

The actor - who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original TV series and movies - admits he thought The Cult sci-fi favourite wouldn't run for more than just one season and was amazed by how popular it became.

He said: "I never thought it'd become a big deal, just 13 episodes and out."

The 79-year-old actor also spoke about his "difficult" reputation, insisting he doesn't think it is fair.

He told The New York Times newspaper: "I didn't think I was hard to get along with. There were a few disaffected actors who came in once a week. I had nothing to do with them. Friendly! I was working seven days a week, learning 10 pages of dialogue a day. They had one line! Then after the show was cancelled and the 'Star Trek' phenomenon began, those actors would go to the conventions. They'd get applause, praise, and begin to think, 'Hey, I was wonderful, and Shatner stole the spotlight.' "