Willem Dafoe has been unveiled as the co-star to Ellen Page’s character in the new videogame Beyond: Two Souls. A trailer for David Cage’s new console adventure reveals that Dafoe plays the role of Nathan Dawkins, who meets the younger version of Ellen Page’s character and shows an interest in the demons that she has in her life. In the trailer, on YouTube, Dafoe says to a rather cute young Page that his job is to “study… strange events … and then try to explain them.” He studies a disturbing picture that the young child has drawn, causing her to comment on the ‘monsters’ that haunt her.

Another video shows a behind-the scenes clip of Dafoe wearing the performance capture suit, explaining how his character not only acts as a father figure to Ellen Page, but how he also manipulates the ‘gifted’ child for his own purposes. Page can also be seen in the clip, with her character demonstrating against the pressures being placed upon her “I just want to go out… and be like other girls my age,” she pines. 

The video game is being made by David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream. Ellen Page’s involvement in the game was announced last summer, though the news that Dafoe is also involved will be news to most fans. “One of the challenges of doing this,” explains the actor, “is that because the player participates in the scenario and chooses the character’s actions, the possibilities of where the story goes is fantastic.”