BACKSTREET BOY NICK CARTER's sexual prowess has been called into question, because his ex-girlfriend Willa Ford can't remember what it was like losing her virginity to him.

The outspoken singer, 23, admits that while she was in love with Carter, now dating her nemesis Paris Hilton, she has no recollection at all of the first time she had sex with him.

She of the experience, "I don't remember. Oh my God, that's the worst comment ever! But the first time for a girl is c***py 'cause it takes a while. She needs a little mileage.

"But God, I was madly in love with that boy. Then... Fame. Done. A**hole. Well, not so much an a**hole as flaky. I told him that to his face because we're friends now."

19/02/2004 13:39