Will Smith has been approached to take a leading role in a modern re-telling of 'Robin Hood'.

The 'Men In Black' star has been among the first to be asked by Andy and Lana Wachowski - who are directing the project - to appear in the film, known as 'Hood', according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog.

The Wachowskis, best known for their work on 1999 movie 'The Matrix' and its subsequent follow-ups - have been working on Iraqi war drama 'CN-9' recently and flop 2008 movie 'Speed Racer'.

Will Smith has seen projects which star him as the leading man drop off in recent years, although he is currently filming 'Men in Black III'.

He also worked on his son Jaden Smith's feature film 'Karate Kid' - a reimagining of the 80s movie of the same name.

His last starring role was in 2008 drama 'Seven Pounds' and comedy super-hero movie 'Hancock'.