Will Smith's kids frown on normal teenagers - because they give up on education to easily.

Teenagers Willow and Jaden Smith have taken aim at their peers in a bizarre new New York Times interview, revealing the idea of school depresses them.

Actor Jaden says, "School is not authentic because it ends. It's not true, it's not real. Our learning will never end. The school that we go to every single morning, we will continue to go to... Kids who go to normal school are so teenagery, so angsty... You never learn anything in school."

Whip My Hair singer Willow adds, "They never want to do anything, they're so tired... I went to school for one year. It was the best experience but the worst experience. The best experience because I was, like, 'Oh, now I know why kids are so depressed'. But it was the worst experience because I was depressed."