Will Smith made an impromptu visit to Brixton, London, had a stroll around the streets with two Labour MP’s and visited St Martins in the Fields High School for Girls. Nice little day out there.

According to Dulwich MP Tessa Jowell the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star had 'wanted to see London's Harlem'. This isn’t really Smith’s fault – without living in London, you view it’s boroughs on reputation – but Brixton has become somewhat of a trendy place to live of late. He probably didn’t take a walk around the artisan restaurants, vintage shops and organic birthday card stands in Brixton Village. Not very Harlem there. The locals followed him round, clearly bemused as to what he was doing down in South London. Lesley Morrison told a local paper: “When he walked in they just went wild. They were just so thrilled and happy. That goes for the staff as well, I thought some of them were going to pass out. To be kissed by Will Smith - I shall never wash my face again.”

Will Smith - Celebrities outside DSTRKT nightclub - London, United KingdomWill Smith outside a club in London

Smith has been indulging in some serious father and son time recently. The second trailer for the combo’s new film, After Earth – directed by M. Night Shyamalan – has been released giving us an insight into their third big-screen collaboration, having acted together on The Pursuit of Happiness, and worked together on Jaden Smith’s breakthrough film, The Karate Kid.