Will Smith may be best known for being the Fresh Prince of Bel Air but he’s just been spotted strolling around the streets of London, Brixton, with Dame Tessa Jowell and Streatham MP Chuka Umunna. You may be wondering what the point of Will Smith wandering around the streets of South London was… well, Tess was more than happy to explain, via her Twitter page. Apparently, Smith “wanted to see London’s Harlem.”

Perhaps not the BEST thing to acknowledge, Tessa? Ever heard the phrase ‘some things are best left unsaid’? Or in this case, some things are best left unrepeated. Still, it looked as though Smith was having fun wandering around Brixton, famed for its vibrant, multicultural neighbourhoods - hopefully the local residents weren't too angered by Tessa's comments. And earlier on in the day, Will had attended morning assembly at the high-achieving comprehensive school St. Martins In The Fields High School For Girls. The pupils were none the wiser about the Hollywood actor and pop star’s appearance at their school and it was hard to tell who was more excited, the pupils or the teachers. “To be kissed by Will Smith - I shall never wash my face again,” joked headmistress Lesley Morrison. 

Will Smith

Will Smith was taken for a tour of Brixton, London

Will is currently in London keeping an eye on his teenage son, Jaden Smith, who is currently supporting Justin Bieber on tour. The pair are great mates, despite the age gap. Sadly for Justin though, hanging out with younger boys isn’t great for the street cred… especially not when you get refused entry to a club on your 19th birthday because some of your entourage are decidedly underage.