The Ukrainian Tv prankster who crashed the stage at the Grammy Awards and received a slap from Will Smith after kissing him at the Russian premiere of Men In Black 3 was detained at the Oscars on Sunday (24Feb13).

Vitalii Sediuk was stopped at the foot of the red carpet outside the Dolby Theatre after police officers patrolling the event spotted him step out of a car wearing a Bjork-inspired swan outfit, carrying a basket of mini souvenir Oscar statuettes.

The Tv personality was jailed earlier this month (Feb13) after he fooled security at the Grammys and clambered up on stage to congratulate Adele as she was making her way to the podium to accept her Best Pop Solo award.

The authorities had been warned that Sediuk would try to sneak onto the Oscars red carpet after show officials revoked his application to attend Hollywood's big night.

The prankster tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I wanted to protest in an entertaining way, so I took a limo to the Oscars. Right away, (police) detained me and asked for Academy representatives. They said, 'Are you the same guy who crashed the Grammys?' and I said yes.

"Representatives from the Academy came and told them to arrest me. But the police said that this was a protest, and so they didn't have the evidence to arrest me."

Sediuk was released with a warning. He will be in court to face trespassing charges from his Grammys stunt on 4 March (13).