Despite the millions upon millions of dollars pumped into movies, their well paid makers still make mistakes. compiles all the mistakes films make, and they have just released a list of last year's most gaff-laden movies. 

Types of mistakes spotted by bright eyed viewers include those of continuity, plot holes, visible crew or equipment, and factual errors. The top movie is Will Smith's Men in Black III with 63 mistakes spotted in total. Sharper members of the audience noted ones including: "At the 1960s HQs, K places his hand on a notebook. A shot later it has jumped next to a typewriter" and "When K takes the prize out of the Crackers box, the size of the box magically becomes very tiny". 

Daniel Craig's Skyfall is the highest grossing British movie of all time in the UK, amassing over £100m, and it's also pretty high up this list at number two with 35 mistakes being found. Mistakes include fairly obvious ones such as "Just before Bond reaches the Chapel, he plunges into icy water. In the next scene, in the Chapel, he is perfectly dry", but also ones made deliberately, including "The VW beetles on the train are parked side-by-side. Cars are never loaded like this - they would be end-to-end to stop them overhanging the wagon and hitting passing objects. They're only positioned like that to facilitate driving the digger over them later." 

The rest of the top 5 includes The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers, which sees a great emphasis on superhero movies with the largest number of mistakes. That's to be expected though really; with a larger amount of CGI used as well as stretching the boundaries the suspension of disbelief, continuity is difficult to ensure. 

Take a look at the full top ten below with the names of movies as well as the number of their mistakes: 

Men in Black III - 63
Skyfall - 35
The Dark Knight Rises - 24
The Amazing Spider-Man - 24
The Avengers - 22
Looper - 14
Prometheus - 13
Argo - 13
Underworld Awakening - 10
The Hunger Games - 10