Despite winning three awards at the Grammy's on Sunday night, Kanye West was nowhere to be seen. Photos and reports seemed to show it was because he and baby-mamma Kim Kardashian had gone to Brazil on vacay. However, as further reports state, it may in fact be because he's recording with Will Smith in Rio! 

In photos from RapRadar, Smith and Kanye appear to be in a studio in Rio with West wearing what appears to be a grey bathrobe. It's unclear whether they were actually recording together or whether the photos were just from another stop in the shanty town tour the boys and Kim went on together while they were in the South American city, as the Sun reports. It they are recording though is that a good idea? Will hasn't released new music since 2005 so he may be a little rusty. It'll be fun finding out though, watch this space!

They're all also in the same hotel where they're all staying during the world renowned Carnival Festival. Kim's baby bump is becoming more apparent, and you could see it clearly in photos released yesterday of her posing in front of Christ the Redeemer, overlooking Rio de Janeiro. She's still not divorced from Kris Humphries though, and with the baby due this Summer, it's looking less and less likely that she'll be a free woman by the time baby Kimye pops. 

Kim and Kanye at NYE

Kim and Kanye's baby is expected this summer