Old Milwaukee Beer has a history of humorous advertisements. An iconic one was a collaboration between the American brewers and the 'Swedish Bikini Team', in which the buxom blondes arrived to save the day. Now, Will Ferrell has picked up that torch to make less attractive, though probably a little more funny, TV ads for Milwaukee Beer.

Will Ferrell created some ads for Milwaukee Beer on the sly, completely of his own accord, in September 2011. The Huffington Post says that it took a long time for the ads to properly see the light of day, having gained 'little fanfare' in Iowa and Internet exposure taking a few weeks. However, the ads did make it onto Nebraska Super Bowl telecasts - but even then the whole thing seemed very low key with a less than extraordinary response. Now, Ferrell has filmed a few more makeshift ads, but this time in Sweden, which is the homeland of his wife and where he now spends his summers.

Originally, UpRoxx reports "Will Ferrell approached the the Pabst Brewing Company last September and asked if he could make a series of commercials for their Old Milwaukee beer. For free. The only catch was, he wanted to do them in Davenport, Iowa. Why that is remains unclear, as Pabst is a Wisconsin company." Will Ferrell never fails to be funny, and these bizarre little videos are just another asset to his portfolio of laughs.