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Will Ferrell (born John William Ferrell, 16.7.1967) is an American comedian, scriptwriter and actor. He has featured in a string of hit movies including Talladega Nights, Anchorman and Blades of Glory. He is a member of the 'Frat Pack' - a name attributed to a group of comedic actors, including Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Steve Carell.

Childhood: Will Ferrell was born to Lee and Kay Ferrell in Irvine, California. His mother was a teacher and his father was a musician - formerly a keyboardist for The Righteous Brothers. Ferrell attended Turtle Rock Elementary School, followed by Rancho San Joaquin Middle School. He then studied at University High School.

Will Ferrell later enrolled at the University of Southern California. He studied for a degree in Sports Information and after graduating, he joined he comedy group The Groundlings, at which point he began to work on his improvisational skills.

Career: In 1995, Will Ferrell joined the writing and performance team of the popular US TV show Saturday Night Live. Ferrell became known for his talent for impersonations, including his takes on George Bush, Neil Diamond, Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. After leaving the Saturday Night Live team, Will Ferrell returned as a guest host in 2005 and 2009. On the latter appearance, Ferrell appeared onstage during Queens of the Stone Age's performance of 'Little Sister' and played the cowbell.

Whilst he was still working on Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell made a number of appearances in comedy films, including Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which starred Mike Myers, Liz Hurley and Heather Graham. He also made an appearance in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and the Ben Stiller vehicle Zoolander.

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell began to land a number of lead roles, starting with his performance as Frank 'The Tank' Richard in Old School, landing himself an MTV Movie Awards nomination for Best Comedic Performance.

In 2003, Ferrell took the title role in Elf, which also starred Zooey Deschanel and James Caan. The film roles kept coming, as did the accolades, as he starred in Melinda and Melinda, as well as the hugely popular Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy. The latter film saw him teaming up with Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. The cast was something of a comedic tour de force and Ferrell was soon considered a part of Hollywood's 'Frat Pack' - the most talented US comedians of their time.

2004 saw Ferrell appear n the modern remake of Starsky and Hutch, which starred Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. The following year, Ferrell's earnings were a reported $40 million.

Ferrell's performance in 2006's Stranger Than Fiction displayed a broader acting ability than had previously been seen from him. The film also starred Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. He followed this by another comedy performance in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The film proved to be another huge success for Will Ferrell. At the 79th Academy Music Awards, he performed a musical skit with Jack Black and John C. Reilly, in which they mocked the voters' tendencies to snub comedies in favour of dramas.

Unfortunately for Ferrell, his reputation was not invincible and his 2009 film Land of the Lost, which also stars Anna Friel, was a huge flop, both critically and commercially.

Will Ferrell has also undertaken a great deal of work as a voice actor, including several appearances in Family Guy. He also provided the voice for Bob Oblong in The Oblongs and appeared in King of The Hill, playing an over-the-top politically correct soccer coach.

Will Ferrell launched the website 'Funny Or Die' in 2007. The website hosts a number of streaming comedy videos and skits, including one which featured the website co-founder Adam McKay's two year old daughter as a swearing landlady.

In 2009, Will Ferrell made his Broadway debut when he starred in his one-man show entitled You're Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush.

Personal Life: Will Ferrell married the actress Viveca Paulin in 2000. They have two sons, Magnus and Mattias.

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'Elf The Musical' Becomes London's Most Expensive West End Ticket

Kimberley Walsh Will Ferrell

Elf the Musical, the stage adaptation of the hit festive film starring Will Ferrell, has set a new all time high for ticket prices in London’s West End, with the best seats going for £240. The musical stars former Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh and Ben Forster, the winner of ITV’s 'Superstar' contest.

Kimberly WalshEx Girls Aloud member Kimberly Walsh stars in Elf the Musical.

The musical runs for a limited 10 week period, beginning in October at London’s Dominon theatre. The cheapest seats start at a still pricey £51.80, while premium tickets start at £97.40, rising to £240. On ticket tout websites seats are reportedly going for as much as £650.

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Zoolander 2 - Teaser Trailer

After a disastrous return to the fashion industry following his retirement, which almost ended in the death of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Derek Zoolander is once again ready to make a comeback. This time he has his former rival turned best friend Hansel by his side, and a better reputation after he exposed the evil behind the fashion industry and went on to work with children. Life may be good; he has a wife and son, and a bucket load of runway talent; but things are about to get messy once again. Derek and Hansel aren't as relevent as they used to be in the industry, and their careers face series threats when it becomes clear that a rival organisation is planning to take down their new modelling agency. Can the duo save the day once again? Or will they be forced to give up the strut for good?

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Daddy's Home Trailer

Brad is a good-natured and very correct radio executive who has also wanted to have children of his own. Since marrying his beautiful new wife, his dream comes true when he becomes the stepfather to two delightful children named Megan and Dylan. As much as he tries to be a father to them, however, they are not entirely filled with respect for him; something that becomes a problem when their real father Dusty Mayron phones up out of the blue. He's everything Brad isn't; handsome, super cool and a total god in the eyes of his children. When Dusty moves back over to spend time with his children, he and Brad find themselves battling each other for the kids' affections, doing everything they can to out-do each other in parenting. Can these two completely different souls ever become friends? Or will they remain parental rivals forever?

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'Scrapped' Lifetime Movie with Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, To Air This Month

Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell

A Deadly Adoption, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Lifetime movie that was confirmed as being scrapped by the network, is to air on June 20. Fans had assumed the homage would be a lost forever, though a billboard in Los Angeles revealed the film will be airing later this month.

Kristen WiigKristen Wiig stars alongside Will Ferrell in A Deadly Adoption

The movie celebrates all the hallmarks of a Lifetime movie - low budgets, melodramatic plots and hammy acting - and it's part of the network's 25tha anniversary of making original movies. Such classics as Hostile Makeover, Acts of Obsession and Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy.

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Kristen Wiig And Will Ferrell's 'A Deadly Adoption' Is Really Coming To Lifetime Later This Month

Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell Jessica Lowndes

The saga of Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell’s hush-hush Lifetime project could be a movie in itself, but at long last the secret is now officially out, as a giant billboard promoting the movie has appeared in Hollywood. Yes A Deadly Adoption is most definitely happening and we don’t have long to wait for it, as the film is coming to Lifetime on June 20th!

Kristen WiigWiig stars opposite Will Ferrell in A Deadly Adoption.

The film is a spoof of the usual Lifetime movie and stars the two ‘SNL’ alumni as a married couple who take in a pregnant woman (played by ‘90210’s' Jessica Lowndes) with the intention of adopting her unborn baby. Of course things don’t go according to plan for the couple and we can only imagine what’s in store for Wiig and Ferrell.

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James Corden "Gobsmacked" By Reception To His 'Late Late Show' Start

James Corden Tom Hanks Will Ferrell Katie Couric Mila Kunis Mariah Carey

Two months or so into his new career as an American talk show host, James Corden has been talking about settling into the job, coping with the transatlantic move and the reaction to his show, which has been very popular so far.

36 year old Corden made his debut as host of ‘The Late Late Show’ on CBS at the end of March after replacing the retiring Craig Ferguson, and quickly won plaudits for his warm, friendly presenting style. Speaking with Heat magazine, he said he was “gobsmacked” by the response from audiences.

James Corden Julia CareyJames Corden with wife Julia Carey

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LACMA 50th Anniversary Gala

Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin - LACMA 50th Anniversary Gala sponsored by Christies - Arrivals at LACMA - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 18th April 2015

Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin
Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell
Viveca Paulin and Will Ferrell

Eddie Murphy To Receive Mark Twain Prize For American Humor

Eddie Murphy Richard Pryor Tina Fey Will Ferrell Whoopi Goldberg Carol Burnett Jay Leno

Eddie Murphy is being honoured for his achievements in comedy by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The 54-year-old actor and comedian will receive the 18th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Murphy will receive the award on 18th October 2015 at a gala performance at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy will be honoured at a gala performance in October.

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Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Decide To "Forego" Lifetime Movie After News Leaks Online

Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell Jessica Lowndes

Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell have cancelled their plans to star in a Lifetime movie after news of the project leaked online on Wednesday (1st April).

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell released a statement announcing he was withdrawing from the Lifetime project.

Read More: Will Ferrell Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig Are Reportedly Teaming Up For Lifetime Movie 'A Deadly Adoption'

Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell

Please don’t let this be an elaborate joke, but Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have reportedly teamed up for a Lifetime original movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Entitled A Deadly Adoption, the film is said to be deliberately poking fun at the Lifetime genre to celebrate 25 years of the network’s original movies.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are reportedly teaming on a Liftetime orginal movie

Ferrell and Wiig will reportedly play a ‘successful couple who house and care for a pregnant woman with the hopes of adopting her unborn child’, before things take a turn for the worse. Former ‘90210’ actress Jessica Lowndes is said to also be starring, with the film set for an early summer debut.

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Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast The Third Most Watched Ever

Justin Bieber Kevin Hart Snoop Dogg Ludacris Will Ferrell Charlie Sheen Selena Gomez

The much-anticipated Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber, as expected, drew strong viewing figures when it was broadcast on Monday evening. With ratings of 4.4 million from 10pm to midnight, it was the night’s top-rated program in most male demographics and ranks as the network’s third most-watched roast ever, according to Variety.

Featuring the comedian-of-the-moment Kevin Hart as the roast master, celebrities as varied as Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg queued up to aim zingers at the 21 year old, the youngest person ever to be roasted. Subjects included his love life, music and numerous scrapes with the law. Even Will Ferrell made a special appearance as his character Ron Burgundy from the hit comedy Anchorman!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber was the subject of a well-received Comedy Central roast on Monday

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'Get Hard' Is Another Bromance Movie For Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Will Ferrell Josh Gad Ice Cube

For an actor who has said he will never play a gay character, Kevin Hart has certainly embraced the bromance, movies that use a romantic-comedy structure to explore an emotional friendship between two men.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel in 'Get Hard'
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel in 'Get Hard'

Just this past January, Hart infamously said that he would turn down a gay role if it was offered to him. "It's not because I have any ill will or disrespect," he said. "It's because I don't think I'm really going to dive into that role 100 percent because of insecurities about myself trying to play that part. Does that make sense? Like, what I think people are going to think while I'm trying to do this is going to stop me from playing that part the way that I'm supposed to."

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'Get Hard' Isn't Quite the Sparky Comedy That the Trailer Promised

Will Ferrell Kevin Hart

Get Hard, the new Warner Bros comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, doesn’t appear to have lived up to the promise of its hilarious trailer though maybe our expectations were a little too high in the first place – this isn’t a disaster anyhow.

Get HardWill Ferrell [L] and Kevin Hart [R] star in Get Hard

It tells the story of a wrongfully convicted investment banker (Ferrell) who prepares for prison life with the help of a man who washes cars (Hart).

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NBC Orders 13 New Episodes Of 90s Comedy 'Coach', Starring Craig T. Nelson

Craig T Nelson Jerry Van Dyke NBC Bill Fagerbakke Fox Will Ferrell Kevin Hart The X Files

The sitcom Coach, starring Craig T. Nelson, will return to our screens in a brand new series. NBC announced they had picked up the new series, consisting of 13 episodes, on Thursday (26th March). Coach has been off air for the past two decades but Nelson is set to reprise his role in the new series which will air this fall. The original series of Coach aired on ABC for nine seasons between 1989 and 1997.

Craig T Nelson 
Craig T. Nelso stars in Coach.

Read More: Meet The Modern Family Cast That Could Have Been (But We're Glad Wasn't).

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Get Hard Review


Audiences may be divided over whether this comedy crosses the line as it looks for laughs in racism and homophobia, but the cast and crew just manage to keep the movie's heart in the right place. At its core, this is another enjoyable bromance that uses cheap gags to keep the audience chuckling awkwardly. And even if the one joke requires a certain level of gay fear, the film has enough spark and personality to poke fun at what is clearly depicted as narrow-minded paranoia.

It opens in a ludicrously expansive Bel Air mansion, where naive investor James (Will Ferrell) lives with his shark-like fiancee Alissa (Alison Brie), daughter of his boss Martin (Craig T. Nelson). Then as he's performing a duet with John Mayer at his engagement party, the feds swoop in and arrest James for embezzlement. But his innocent plea is ignored, and the judge throws the book at him, sentencing him to 10 years at the notorious San Quentin Penitentiary. With 30 days before he has to report to jail, James hires his car valet Darnell (Kevin Hart) to toughen him up for life behind bars, assuming that because he's black Darnell must surely know something about prison life. Darnell needs the cash, so he plays along, turning to his gang-member cousin Russell (Tip "T.I." Harris) for some street cred.

The script adds some clever texture in Darnell's home life with his no-nonsense wife (Dickerson), who is bemused by the fact that her nice-guy husband is pretending to be a seasoned criminal. Like her, the audience is waiting for the sham to collapse hilariously around him, but the screenplay veers off in some unexpected directions that both increase the tension and push the humour closer to the edge. Even so, the movie's core issue is the gaping divide between obscene Westside wealth and the relative economic struggle in South Central. Although director Etan Cohen never takes any of this too seriously, milking every situation for maximum absurdity.

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Will Ferrell

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