Grime MC Wiley has walked out on his label Warner Brothers in an explosive rant on Twitter during which he claimed that he 'don't need' the label any more. In his now deleted Tweet, the MC said "Enough is enough," and "I don't need em anymore," as he feels that his musical preferences are being ignored by the label who are making him churn out radio-friendly tunes rather than his more preferred, challenging style.

Wiley has decided to leave behind his big money label Warner Bros to get back to basics

Wiley released his first album for the label, The Ascent (his ninth overall), on April 1 this year, having already spawned the singles 'Heatwave,' 'Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya)' and 'Reload,' all of which reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart ('Heatwave' reached Number One), yet despite his chart success Wiley is still unsatisfied with his recent output. All of the Tweets he uploaded condemning his latest release and his (now former) record label have since been deleted and his only subsequent Tweet to come after his outburst relating to the album is purely positive and described by the rapper as 'MY BEST ALBUM TO DATE,' so who knows where his head is at the moment.

One of his most insightful Tweets of late perhaps sums up Wiley's mindset at the moment, with the MC posting this yesterday (April 4) night: "No amount of money can buy creativity. Your likely to be more creative on zero or when your not thinking of money."

So, it seems as though Wiley is ready to rediscover his roots and make the kind of music that initially won him his legions of fans back in the embryonic days of grime. Dench.