Bristol four piece Wilder look likely contenders to rejuvenate a flagging music scene in the one time epicentre of trip-hop cool. With a musical heritage centred around big players like Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead, Bristol has played a significant part in recent musical creativity and inspiration. Can Wilder kick start it all again?

The band, named after the Austrian born Jewish-American film legend of Some Like It Hot fame, Billy Wilder, not the offices of Bristol Traffic Management team at Wilder House, Wilder Street are a guitar, synth, bass and drum combo who have previously played support to Julian Casablanca's. Their sound has been compared with that of Roxy Music as well as The Gossip. Girls vs Boys is their debut offering on Rough Trade Records.

Wilder have previously been heard in session for Huw Stephen's, and most recently requisitioned a house boat in their home city to party the night away, as a launch for their new single, and by way of exposure for the forthcoming album release. The 300 fans and friends lapped up the bands infectious energy as they tore up the dance floor to the single Girls vs Boys.

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