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A Week In Music - David Bowie Blasphemes, Daft Punk New Album Comes Early, Low Still Set The Bar High

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David Bowie, Marion Cotillard & Gary Oldman in The Next Day

A Week in Videos… Gary Oldman AND David Bowie in one video? It’s happened, with the Thin White Duke revealing his controversial new video for his comeback album’s title-track, The Next Day. There’s plenty of blasphemous imagery going about, with Marion Cotillard's character receiving the stigmata on her hands and Bowie himself looking like Jesus Christ, as various decrepit clergy men enjoy a sleazy bar with all the ill-reputed sorts that usually occupy such a place. See what you think.

Vampire Weekend’s new album’s pretty great and this single off it is pretty great too. This is just the lyric video so not too much happens visually however, it gives you a chance to hear one of the lead tracks from their album Modern Vampires In The City. With the anticipation surrounding that album's release, and the generally decent feedback given to the album so far, it is expected that the band will perform particularly well on the album charts.

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Wild Nothing - Empty Estate EP Review

The one-man lo-fi project that is Wild Nothing just keeps going from strength to strength. While last year's 'Nocturne' long player heralded a more beat-laden approach for Jack Tatum than the C86 inspired song structures of predecessor 'Gemini', 'Empty Estate', his first release of 2013 takes him another step further towards completing his mission of touching on every musical genre known to man.

Wild Nothing - Empty Estate EP Review

Written and recorded over a ten-day period in January of this year after Tatum spent weeks listening to Brian Eno and David Bowie in search of divine inspiration. The seven pieces of music that make up 'Empty Estate' draw from a wealth of ideas and sounds, several of which embrace new territories as those familiar with Wild Nothing's previous output will testify. Tatum admitted in a recent interview that he'd become bored with the concept of being a musician and playing the same songs live every night, which also probably explains the cross-pollination at the heart of 'Empty Estate' and its all-inclusive palette.

Whereas 'Nocturne' seemingly dealt with the inner Prince lurking inside Tatum's locker, 'Empty Estate' fulfils the notion that while most certainly being a jack of all trades, Wild Nothing's creative force is well on the way to mastering them all too. Opener 'The Body In Rainfall' might take a leaf from the How To Write Standard MOR manual as ordained by George Harrison and assorted members of Fleetwood Mac were one to exist, but on closer inspection there's a whole lot more bubbling away under the surface than just radio friendly pop born out of a 1970s fixation. "Tell me what you think of me?" asks the diminutive Tatum over a guitar that cries tears of joy rather than weeps solemnly. As a lead track one would expect the rest of the EP to follow suit in uniform-like fashion, that they don't speaks volumes for its creator.

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Wild Nothing, Golden Haze EP Review

When you've already released arguably the best debut album of 2010 the only way is down, right? Wrong. For Jack Tatum, the creator and songwriting force behind Wild Nothing, it seems 'Gemini' was just a mere appetiser for things to come. While that record's fragile beauty recalled the halcyon days of The Field Mice or The Cure's more salient pop sojourns, the three track stop-gap EP 'Evertide', released earlier this summer, suggested he'd merely tipped the iceberg with its predecessor, having added a touch of electronica and melodic shoegaze to an already sensual melting pot of influences.

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Michelle Williams Lands Starring Role In Wild Nothing Video

U.S. pop group Wild Nothing have been given a big boost by actress MICHELLE WILLIAMS - she stars in their new video.The promo for Paradise...