Whitney Houston 's former sister-in-law has laid the blame of her drug-related death at the feet of Whitney's boyfriend, Ray J. Yesterday, the news of the initial coroner's report into the singer's death was announced, revealing that traces of cocaine were found in her system, along with the anxiety drug Xanax.
Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah gave an interview on Dr. Drew just hours after the news broke and said "when I first saw the news and, excuse me but I have to come out and say this. I saw Ray J coming out of the hotel, hiding his head. why? Why is he hiding his face? He's always trying to show his face when he's around Whitney. why you trying to hide now, Ray J?" She went on to say that her initial reaction when she heard of Whitney's death was "somebody gave her a bad bag (of cocaine). Then I saw Ray J. And it all added up." Leolah also says that she knew "clearly" that Ray J wasn't Whitney's boyfriend, describing him instead as "a runner boy," who would buy drugs for the troubled star and give them to her. Dr Drew said that CNN could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.
Although no cocaine was found in Whitney's hotel room at the time of her death, cocaine metabolites were discovered in her system, suggesting that she was a chronic user of the drug. MTV News reports that the officials from the coroner's office said that there was not an unusual amount of medication in the hotel room.