Disney's Planes poster

Here is your first taster of the upcoming 'Cars' spin-off 'Planes'; an equally endearing animated movie about determination and achieving your dreams set to hit screens on August 16th 2013.

DisneyToon Studios brings us this fantastic new interpretation of the Pixar animated 2006 'Cars' movie and it's 2011 sequel 'Cars 2'. The teaser trailer gives away little about the plot, but introduces our soon-to-be favourite animated character of the year with the pounding drums of 'More Human Than Human' by heavy metal band White Zombie. 'Planes' has been directed by Klay Hall of 'King of the Hill', who is a huge aviation enthusiast - and with that you can guarantee not only rib-cracking humour, but remarkable accuracy. We see Dusty, a nervous cropdusting aircraft with a phobia of heights and the voice of Dane Cook, take on some of the biggest plane racing champions in the world as he vows to conquer his fears and fulfil his dream as a successful air racer despite formidable competition. Beside him are his friends Skipper, an old Navy Corsair voiced by Stacy Keach, and Chug, a fuel tanker who doesn't for a second doubt Dusty's capabilities and is played by Brad Garrett

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