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White Planning Second Raconteurs Album

11th July 2006

Swashbuckling rocker JACK WHITE has scotched rumours of a WHITE STRIPES reunion - he is already working on a second RACONTEURS album following the success of their debut LP. White formed the STEADY AS SHE...

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White Stripes Win Royalties Case

16th June 2006

Rockers THE WHITE STRIPES have won their court battle with producer JIM DIAMOND, who accused the band of financial neglect after working on their first two albums. A US District Court in Detroit ruled yesterday...

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White Stripes Trial Underway

13th June 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES are being sued by a producer who claims he played a key role in creating their signature sound. JIM DIAMOND worked on the band's first two albums and claims he deserves a...

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Townshend Challenges The White Stripes

29th May 2006

THE WHO guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND insists he can easily out-rock THE WHITE STRIPES, but admits he falls short in the looks department. The MY GENERATION star, 61, is convinced he could recreate the BLUE ORCHID...

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Jack White Inspired By Newsman Wallace

29th May 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE arrived with the name THE RACONTEURS for his cult new side project band after reading a biography of US TV newsman MIKE WALLACE. Wallace, who interviewed White for a...

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The Things They Say 2015

12th May 2006

"I very much like being a cog in a machine." JACK WHITE prefers life as an equal member of the RACONTEURS to the pressures of fronting THE WHITE STRIPES.

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White Hits Back At Sell-out Criticism

8th May 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE has lashed out at criticism from fans appalled he has written a tune for Coca-Cola, insisting he never promised he wouldn't "do a commercial". The BLUE ORCHID hitmaker has...

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White Welcomes Baby

4th May 2006

WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE and wife KAREN ELSON welcomed their first child, daughter SCARLETT TERESA, into the world on Tuesday (02MAY06). White's Michigan-based family told the Detroit Free Press yesterday (03MAY06) that Elson gave...

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White To Remain With Raconteurs 'For A Long Time'

3rd May 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE is adamant his new supergroup THE RACONTEURS will remain his priority for the foreseeable future. White, who formed The Raconteurs with BRENDAN BENSON and THE GREENHORNES rockers JACK LAWRENCE...

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White Loves Rocking With The Raconteurs

1st May 2006

Rocker JACK WHITE is thrilled to be a part of new supergroup THE RACONTEURS, because he can now branch out after years of deliberately constricting his music. White, better known for his work in duo...

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Jack White Coke Ad Leaked

18th April 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE's infamous Coca-Cola advertisement has been leaked onto the internet. In the forthcoming commercial, the rocker sings lyrics including, "It's the right thing to do, and you know it/It's inside...

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White Stripes Sued By Producer

17th April 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES are being sued by a music producer who claims he helped the group create its signature sound. Detroit-based JIM DIAMOND - who is credited as a co-producer on the band's eponymous debut...

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White Confirms Official Break From Stripes

13th April 2006

American rocker JACK WHITE has confirmed he is taking an official break from THE WHITE STRIPES to focus all his creative energy on new band THE RACONTEURS. The American singer has postponed all future recordings...

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Surf's Up For New Stiller Movie

31st March 2006

Comedian BEN STILLER is set to follow-up DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY with another sports comedy called BIG WAVE. Based on an idea by Stiller, the film tells the story of the world's greatest big...

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Franz Ferdinand: 'It's Only Rock 'N' Roll But We Like It'

27th March 2006

British rockers FRANZ FERDINAND deny they had to work hard for their phenomenal success, because they don't associate playing and recording music with 'work'. Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS insists the band couldn't possibly be enjoying themselves...

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White Tackles Kilt Fears

26th March 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE has taken 20 years to pluck up the courage to wear a kilt again, after being bullied for wearing the Scottish national dress during his school days. The American...

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White: 'I'm Not Leaving The White Stripes'

26th March 2006

JACK WHITE has reassured WHITE STRIPES fans he has no intention of leaving the rock duo for a full-time position in his side project THE RACONTEURS. White is currently touring with The Raconteurs, who release...

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White Intimidated By Cash Home

20th March 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE fell in love with JOHNNY CASH's home in Nashville, Tennessee, and came close to buying it, but was too overwhelmed by the thought of living in his idol's former...

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White/childish Poster Redesigned Following Legal Threat

16th March 2006

LATEST: A controversial spoof poster of JACK WHITE and BILLY CHILDISH has been redesigned and put back on sale by London gallery owner STEVEN LOWE, in response to legal threats from THE WHITE STRIPES rocker....

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White's Feud With Childish Goes Legal

14th March 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE's on-going feud with British singer/songwriter BILLY CHILDISH is heading for the courts over a spoof poster featuring the two protagonists. The Aquarium gallery in London is currently exhibiting Childish's...

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Hilton To Star In The Simpsons?

5th March 2006

Socialite PARIS HILTON is expected to be the latest celebrity to lend her voice to cult cartoon series THE SIMPSONS. Hilton will join a galaxy of stars who have appeared on the hit show recently...

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White Stripes To Appear In Simpsons

1st March 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES duo JACK and MEG WHITE are set to appear in a jazz-themed episode of cartoon phenomenon THE SIMPSONS. The MY DOORBELL hitmakers first expressed interest in the comic series in 2003, and...

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White Attacks Childish

1st March 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE has launched a scathing attack on British singer/songwriter BILLY CHILDISH, accusing him of plagiarism. The BLUE ORCHID hitmaker posted a message on the band's official website on Monday (27FEB06),...

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Arcade Fire And Dylan Named, Doherty Shamed In Poll

20th February 2006

ARCADE FIRE, PETE DOHERTY and BOB DYLAN shared the spoils in the Mojo magazine 2005 Readers Poll, picking up two awards apiece. Acclaimed Canadians Arcade Fire beat THE MAGIC NUMBERS and ARCTIC MONKEYS to...

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The Things They Say 1323

15th February 2006

JACK WHITE has guitar tone like a motherf**ker. It's massive." Rocker HENRY ROLLINS is a big fan of THE WHITE STRIPES....

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Oasis Sign Tv Ad Deal Weeks After Gallagher Slams White

10th February 2006

OASIS have signed a $1 million (GBP555,000) deal allowing their music to feature in a TV advertisement, just weeks after guitarist NOEL GALLAGHER slammed THE WHITE STRIPES for doing the same thing. Oasis track...

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White Ignores Doctor's Advice

31st January 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE defied doctors' advice to play at the Australia and New Zealand summer festival Big Day Out last week (begs23JAN06). White decided to go ahead with the travelling event,...

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Keys Eyes Queens Of The Stone Age

25th January 2006

R+B sensation ALICIA KEYS is keen to collaborate with rockers including QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, because she wants her new album to have an "edgier" sound. The FALLIN' hitmaker is famed for her...

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