White Lion star TROY PATRICK FARRELL has blasted an "over-zealous promoter" who has turned his upcoming HOOKERS 'N' BLOW concert into a massive GUNS N' ROSES gig.
Raj Sinha, the director of promotion company Rhapsody Inc., 'confirmed' Guns N' Roses will be performing at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru on 7 November (09) on Wednesday (09Sep09), but drummer Farrell, who is named among the members of Axl Rose's band in his statement to The Asian Age newspaper, insists Sinha has his facts all wrong.
The promoter said, "It is true that we are bringing Guns N' Roses to India... I can confirm that Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed will be there. DJ Ashba, their latest (addition), will be there. There will also be a person called Troy and two other members."
But Farrell has responded quickly before Indians dash out to buy tickets for a mix up.
He tells Blabbermouth.net, "The dates in India were to be with Dizzy Reed, Eric Dover and myself, as well as Gilby Clarke's bassist Muddy Stardust. Those dates moved to October (not November, and not in the city of Bengaluru).
"And Dizzy Reed cannot and will not be in India for any event, as far as I am aware of. At least not any event involving me.
"This rumour is the result of an over-zealous promoter that mixed up information. I have spoken (with) my direct contacts in India to confirm that they, in no way, shape or form, alluded to the fact that Axl or any version of GN'R would perform in India."