Wet Wet Wet star Graeme Clark took steps to end his alcohol addiction for good when he realised his booze-fulled temper was affecting his relationship with his wife.
The bassist struggled with a drinking problem for 20 years, but it was only in 2001 after a drunken argument with his partner Beverley, that he knew it was time to quit booze for good.
The musician now feels relieved to be finally free from his addiction, because alcohol set him off like a "firework".
He tells Britain's Daily Record, "I was drinking a lot. If you pour alcohol on me, I'm like firework. I am going to go off.
"Beverley is a powerful, strong woman... But the tempestuous aspect of our relationship came from me. It didn't come from Beverley. Thankfully, I don't drink any more. That fire has dissipated.
"I don't drink at all. I am clean and sober. Twenty years ago, I knew I was drinking too much, but my perception of an alcoholic was the guy in the park with string for a belt and drinking meths.
"Once I started drinking, I was at the party myself 10 hours later, thinking where has everybody gone?"
Clark also reveals he was powerless to help his bandmate Marti Pellow beat his crippling heroin addiction, because he was struggling to manage his own vices.
He adds, "I had this disease of more, more, more. There was nothing we could do about Marti's heroin addiction. I had my own problems. We should have taken two years out to get ourselves together."