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'Ash Vs Evil Dead' Unveils Sam Raimi's Soft Side With Wes Craven Tribute

Sam Raimi Wes Craven

We are so not looking forward to a weekend without 'Ash vs Evil Dead' now that season one has wrapped and we have no idea when to expect season two. A re-watch of the final episode may be in order, just to get a glimpse of creator Sam Raimi's last homage to his horror hero Wes Craven.

Sam RaimiSam Raimi shows true respect for Wes Craven

Raimi has always been a huge fan of Craven, with his movies 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' getting honourable mentions in various contexts within his 'Evil Dead' movie series. Now with the latter newly reprised as 'Ash vs Evil Dead', featuring the return of star Bruce Campbell 30 years later, he's seemingly made one last tribute to the late Craven by featuring the glove of 'Elm Street''s Freddy Krueger in the basement of that old cabin.

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MTV's 'Scream' Pays Tribute To Wes Craven In Series Finale

Wes Craven

MTV series ‘Scream’ paid tribute to late director Wes Craven at the beginning of Tuesday’s first season finale. The episode began with some fittingly spooky piano music as the message, ‘In memory of Wes Craven 1939-2015. Thanks for the screams,’ appeared on screen.

Wes CravenWes Craven passed away on August 31st.

The series, which premiered on MTV, in June is based on the string of horror films Craven directed in the 1990s, starting with Scream in 1996. The late director had also worked as an executive producer on the series, although his involvement was said to have been minimal.

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Filmmaker Wes Craven Dies Aged 76

Wes Craven

Filmmaker Wes Craven has died at the age of 76, his family has announced. With a career spanning over 40 years, Craven was one of the most prolific horror directors of his generation and is responsible for slasher classics including A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream.

Wes CravenFilmmaker Wes Craven has died aged 76.

The 76 year old died on Sunday afternoon surrounded by his loved ones at his Los Angeles home after suffering from brain cancer, his family said in a statement. “It is with deep sadness we inform you that Wes Craven passed away,” the statement read. “Our hearts are broken.”

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Wes Craven's 'Scream' Set For A TV Outing With Plot Details And Characters Revealed

Wes Craven

It was the 90s slasher film that resurrected the genre and now it seems Scream is returning to our screens. No, its not in the form of a fifth movie, though that might come eventually - instead it's a one hour television pilot made by MTV based on the popular franchise. Now the plot and character details for the pilot have been revealed, so let’s take a closer look at Scream on the small screen.

Wes Craven seems to be on board for the Scream TV series Wes Craven seems to be on board for the Scream TV series

Talk of a small screen Scream began in 2012, but it wasn’t until MTV ordered a pilot that the show got its green light. On board is Scream film director Wes Craven and writing will be Jill Blotevogel who’s worked on Ravenswood, Harper’s Island and Eureka. The series doesn't appear to follow on from the actual movies, who had their last cinematic outing in 2011 with Scream 4. The fourth film which saw Sidney Prescott making her return to Woodsboro, didn't do too well at the box office, having the second lowest opening of any of the Scream movies. It also didn't fare too well with the critics either, who found it all a bit dated. This new Scream will bring in a fresh cast of characters and tell its own version of the mask killer’s tale. There’s also been talk that the killer might be an actual ghost, after Harvey Weinstein commented that the show represented a new beginning for the franchise, which might take a supernatural direction.

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Will Wes Craven Revisit Scream For MTV Series?

Wes Craven

MTV announced details of its forthcoming TV schedule last night (April 25, 2013) and it appears that Wes Craven is in talks with Dimension Films to potentially direct the pilot for a new TV series of Scream, which is expected to get a 2014 release. A one-hour pilot has been ordered by MTV, aimed at “reinventing the smash film that introduced the world to maniacal killer Ghostface.” MTV and Dimension Films will be working together on the reboot.

Other news to come out of MTV’s announcement was that the Jersey Shore reality show offshoot Snooki & JWOWW will be re-commissioned for a third season. Another three new series were also introduced: Cryo, Nurse Nation and The Hook Up. Cryo takes a look at a generation of kids who were conceived via sperm donor and follows the life journeys of some of these individuals. One of them, Breeanna, discovered that she has 15 half-siblings, all fathered by a man that none of them know. Nurse Nation is a documentary series, following twenty nine travel nurses and examining the pressures they face in their day-to-day work as well as seeing how they make the most of “all that their host cities have to offer on their days off.”

The Hook Up is a touch more lowbrow; a dating show hosted by Andrew Schulz, in which contestants choose their suitors based on their social media history. 

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Wes Craven In Talks For MTV's 'Scream' Television Series

Wes Craven

A year after it was first reported that MTV was eyeing up a television adaptation of the Scream franchise, the cable network  is finally moving forward with the idea, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Produced by Dimension Films, MTV is currently searching for writers for the one-hour project, while Scream director Wes Craven is in talks to direct the pilot.

Should the series receive the greenlight - which is probable given the amount of time it's taken to get it into pre-production - it would be slated for a summer 2014 release and would join the network's current scripted offerings Teen Wolf (also adapted from a film franchise) and Awkward. DiGA Vision will produce the show, with former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley serving as executive producers.

Last November, director Craven was asked by his Twitter followers about making a new Scream movie. "No news on Scream 5 yet," he tweeted. "You guys really want another one?" The horror franchise was created by Kevin Williamson, who also penned the screenplays for three of the four movies. The early films were a hit with both audiences and critics, though the satirical Scary Movie films seemingly watered down the fright factor. 

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Wes Craven Out And About In Beverly Hills

Wes Craven - American film director Wes Craven out and about in Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Friday 22nd March 2013

Wes Craven
Wes Craven
Wes Craven
Wes Craven
Wes Craven
Wes Craven and Beverly Hills

'We Need To Talk About Kevin' Screening At The Sunshine Landmark

Wes Craven Tuesday 15th November 2011 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' screening at the Sunshine Landmark New York City, USA

Wes Craven
Wes Craven

New York Screening Of 'Another Happy Day' At The Sunshine Landmark Theater - Arrivals

Wes Craven Monday 14th November 2011 New York screening of 'Another Happy Day' at the Sunshine Landmark Theater - Arrivals New York City, USA

Wes Craven
Wes Craven

Scream 4 Review

More than a decade after Scream 3, Craven and company reteam for another knowing thriller about scary movies. And by both following and subverting the rules of a reboot, they make a film that's both frightening and hilarious.

On the 10th anniversary of the original killings, Sidney (Campbell) returns to Woodsboro, having put the darkness behind her. Although the Stab movies based on her experience have reached number 7. Then a new spree of grisliness starts, and Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and his journalist wife Gale (Cox) are on the case. Meanwhile, Sidney's cousin Jill (Roberts) and her pals (Pannettiere and Jaffe) are both fascinated and terrified by what's happening. So are the school's movie geeks (Knudsen and Culkin) and Jill's ex (Tortorella).

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The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 Party At The Getty House

Wes Craven Thursday 24th February 2011 The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 Party at the Getty House Los Angeles, California

Wes Craven
Wes Craven

The Last House On The Left (2009) Review

Nearly 40 years ago, quasi-hippy filmmakers Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham were looking to make a name for themselves (and a little cash, if possible) in the thriving New York exploitation scene. Working with some intent distributors, they adapted Igmar Bergman's Virgin Spring for the drive-in, and a grindhouse classic -- Last House on the Left -- was born. With its memorable marketing campaign ("repeat to yourself... it's only a movie... it's only a movie) and direct, documentary style, it had impact and import during a crucial time in post-modern American cinema. As with several of Craven's past projects, Last House has now been remade for the post-millennial crowd, and that's too bad. This tedious, tepid update offers none of the original's brutality or energy.

It's time for summer vacation and the Collingwood family -- doctor dad (Tony Goldwyn), teacher mom (Monica Potter), and daughter Mari (Sara Paxton) -- are heading to their isolated lake house for a little R&R. Sadly, the teenage girl will soon run into escaped killer Krug (Garrett Dillahunt), his son Justin (Spencer Treat Clark), the equally unhinged Francis (Aaron Paul), and gonzo gal pal Sadie (Riki Lindhome). Along with her buddy Paige (Martha MacIsaac), Mari will be tortured, abused, and left for dead. When the criminals show up at the Collingwood home looking for lodging, it's not long before the parents find out what happened... and when they do, the tables are turned and no one is safe.

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Last House On The Left (1972) Review

It has one of the most unusual filmic foundations for a horror film. It's actually based on Ingmar Bergman's Academy Award winning film The Virgin Spring. It also has one of the movies' most memorable ad campaigns. Teens in the early '70s still hear the haunting tagline -- "To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie... It's only a movie...'" -- in their deepest, darkest nightmares. And as with many examples of early post-modern macabre, Last House on the Left is part exploitation, part exercise in frustration, and just a tad overhyped as to its ability to scare.

When birthday girl Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassell) and her Manhattan friend Phyllis Stone (Lucy Grantham) head out to see Bloodlust in concert, they plan on a simple celebration. Unfortunately, they are kidnapped by a group of insane killers while trying to score some pot. Locked in the trunk of a car and carried out into the woods, there are systematically tortured, raped, and murdered. After cleaning themselves up, hoodlums Krug (David Hess), Junior (Marc Sheffler), Sadie (Jeramie Rain) and Weasel (Fred J. Lincoln) then show up at the Collingwood home. There, they are taken in by Mari's doctor dad (Richard Towers) and doting mother (Cynthia Carr), the couple not knowing that the foursome is responsible for their daughter's death.

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Paris, Je T'aime Review

One would like to think that there at least a few other cities in the world besides Paris that could have inspired a film as varied in the types of cinematic pleasure so ably delivered by the anthology piece Paris Je T'Aime -- but it seems unlikely. This isn't due to an unavailability of good stories or locations in many other great metropolises, but more because being able to dangle the possibility of shooting in Paris in front of the world's greatest directors is going to be so much more enticing. Also, there are few other cities besides Paris that come with such a powerful and multifarious wealth of preassociated images and emotions for both filmmaker and audience to both draw upon and react against. So what could have been a collection of short films with a few highs, several lows, and a lot of muddled in-betweens is in fact a remarkably and consistently imaginative body of work, practically giddy with energy, that only rarely touches the ground.

Project overseers Emmanuel Benbihy and Tristan Carné wanted to create a cinematic map of Paris, with each short film representing one of the city's 20 arrondissements (neighborhoods). They ended up with 18 films, none of them more than a few minutes long and directed by a glittering, international roster of filmmakers. While none of the films here are anything approaching masterpieces, hardly a one is in any way a chore to sit through, which has to be some sort of an accomplishment.

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