Foreign films often have a unique and powerful way of facing controversial issues. The most recent example comes from Germany, which has created a movie so audacious in its statement of women's liberation, that it makes the much-scrutinized themes of Thelma and Louise feel like child's play. Despite subtitles, unfamiliar faces, and a somewhat taboo motif, Bandits is sure to have tremendous crossover appeal with American audiences.

Directed by Katja von Garier, Bandits chronicles four German fugitives and their passion for rock n' roll as they attempt to evade the law and flee the country. Their odyssey takes this all girls rock band (hence The Bandits) from rehearsal at the prison church to performing in front of thousands as they garner Mickey and Mallory-esque attention through their adventures as outlaws on the run. Their experiences and emotions are conveyed in their music, which serves as a link between their depraved sense of humanity and newfound freedom.

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