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does that mean we can't call him a "pretty boy"? and does he mean by "sensitive" eyes? he wears sunglasses in the bright sun of course. but he used to sport regular eyeglasses in junior high.

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by superfan

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I admire him , just for being so humble!

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by Awentworthyfan

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so Mr. Miller go with it it opens aren't a fool looks do work in this day and time the world we are in. Talent is sometimes second. Be thankful you have both. it is better for people to notice you then not. Yes you are sexy it's more your voice,I say then your sensitive eyes.I think that is your allergics that can do that. you have a down to earth style and that makes you real. these are all sexy. sometimes we may not see things within ourselves and others do.with me, being shy men thought I was just snotty and stuck up I never knew that untill it was brought out to me.I was just shy not snooty. so now you get all this attention and it's hard to deal with because you are just you but to others they see sexyyyy. go with it!!!! appreciate everyday that people go WOW. perhaps one day you'll be in the backround & look back and say WOW how cool that was. good luck Went, you paid your dues enjoy it and wear it proud:) ya brought sexy back :)

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by you got it go w...

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