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I am from Kenya, Afrika. I love watching this guy on T.V. He is just brilliant. Wish he could suprice me by coming to kenya for holiday. Will take him through maasai mara game reserve, see all the lions and cheetahs on hunt and all the beauty Afrika has to offer. I am male but not gay.My real names are omar mwafrika. email,

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by Mwafs

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I come from CHINA,I love wentworth miller very much !!

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by Cathlin

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Well... I think that Went should show those guys the difference between real life and fiction! I find the man that wrote the script for this movie briliant....but Wentworth is just a paid man to act like his able to escape prison and be that smart ...and have the luck to find the prison plans at his company... and so on... I really think that in real life, someone in a situation like that should have 9 lives... just like a cat! to do all the things that he's doing in the series. But never mind! I love the character and I certainly like this guy a lot. Just a joke: what if he would start signing, let's say, pictures for all the people in one prison and send them this photos....looool ... Then Nobody will get to make that trade. So nobody will have what to smoke... One day later he should visit that prison and offer to all people there not one, but two "coins". Hey baby! and ya will see love then! Sorry guys! never ment to upset somebody....The boy is very nice, but everything is just a marketing strategy! As Told ... I do not disconsider Went....but you all get over it!Disturbed about my comment?Please contact me at captaru_gabriela@yahoo.comcaptaru_gabriela@hotmail.comPS again, sorry if any gramma mistakes, still learning

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by GAGA

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