Johnson Family Vacation captures the experience of a road trip very well: the long stretches of boredom, the frustration that nothing exciting is up ahead, the failure to get comfortable. I somehow don't think that was the movie's intention, seeing how it's billed as a comedy.

Cedric the Entertainer plays Nate Johnson, a father with a lot on his mind. He and his wife, Dorothy (Vanessa Williams), are going through a rough patch, though they live just live just down the street from each other. Their son (Bow Wow, no longer Lil' Bow Wow) wants to be a rapper, much to Dad's chagrin, while their older daughter (Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sis) is growing into a body and social conscience that's about five years ahead of the curve. Only their little daughter seems at ease, though she has an imaginary dog.

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