Now it's getting ridiculous. This is the third two-women-kill-an-old-lady movie in the last year. While the first two, Heavenly Creatures and Fun, were both spectacular pictures, Sister My Sister is an unfortunate embarrassment.

The aforementioned two women are Christine (Joely Richardson) and Lea (Jodhi May), close-knit, questionably sane sisters employed as maids for the domineering Madame Danzard (Julie Walters). The girls slave for low wages, and what they do earn is inevitably taken by their greedy mother. The theme of "All they have is each other" is truly beaten over your head in no uncertain terms. When things start to get bad, the maids turn to the film's other theme for solace: "There's no problem a little incest can't cure." When things get their worst, only wholesale slaughter will do.

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