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The Gift Trailer

Simon and Robyn barely have time to contemplate their perfect lives with their happy marriage and beautiful new house when they come face to face with the less than perfect past. While shopping at a department store Simon bumps into an old classmate named Gordo, though it takes a while for him to recognise him. When a bottle of expensive wine shows up on their doorstep from Gordo, they are left wondering how he got the address but nonetheless invite him over for dinner to say thank you for the house-warming gift. But pretty soon Gordo starts frequently showing up uninvited with stranger and stranger gifts, and when Simon tries to break off their unwanted friendship, things start to get scary. Threatening notes are left, Robyn's fish are suddenly dead and their house is being vandalised. Robyn starts to become seriously suspicious of her husband when the suggestion of an uncomfortable past between the two men arises, and she's desperate to find out what happened before things get out of hand.

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The Runner Trailer

Colin Pryce is a Louisiana congressman who becomes a hero in the eyes of all US residents surrounding the Gulf of Mexico when he decides to take action to help those affected by a severe BP oil spill. Many citizens have had their livestock taken from them, with hundreds upon thousands of shrimp and fish killed in the area, and he seems to be the only one making any move to ease the devastating environmental and financial impact. With the help of his wife Deborah Pryce, he wins respect for his charismatic and inspiring speeches, but he almost destroys all that when human temptation gets in the way. A whirlwind affair becomes a nationwide scandal when he is seduced by a beautiful young woman, and it's all he and his family can do to lessen the blow for his disappointed followers by continuing his campaign to address those who still need his help.

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THE 46th NAACP Image Awards

Wendell Pierce - THE 46th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium - Pasadena, California, United States - Friday 6th February 2015

Wendell Pierce

20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals

Wendell Pierce - A host of stars were snapped as they attended the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards which were held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 15th January 2015

Wendell Pierce arrives at Los Angeles International Airport

Wendell Pierce - The Wire star, Wendell Pierce arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 15th January 2015

Wendell Pierce
Wendell Pierce
Wendell Pierce
Wendell Pierce

HBO Post Golden Globe Party 2015

Wendell Pierce - HBO Post Golden Globe Party 2015 at Golden Globe - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 12th January 2015

Video - Aretha Franklin And Tyler Perry Pose On The Red Carpet For The 'Selma' New York Premiere

The New York premiere of 'Selma' took place at the Ziegfeld Theatre. The red carpet in New York was graced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, and American actor, director and screen/playwright, Tyler Perry.

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New York premiere of 'Selma' - Arrivals

Wendell Pierce - Shots of a variety of stars as they took the the red carpet for the premiere of the movie drama 'Selma' which was held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, New York, United States - Sunday 14th December 2014

Wendell Pierce

Selma Trailer

“What happens when a man stands up and says ‘enough is enough’?” So goes the question raised by Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) when President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) declines to help him in battling the race-related violence in Alabama. In retaliation, King organises a peaceful protest; he has African Americans march into Selma, Alabama, in an attempt to gain rights to vote. What follows, is a truly horrifying attack from the police on the peaceful protest which was televised and seen by millions, forcing the President’s hand, as he is forced to watch innocent people suffer. 

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Elsa & Fred Trailer

Fred Barcroft is an old man struggling to find much good in his life following the death of his wife. While he feels terribly lonely, he hates being around people, and while he despises the tiny apartment his daughter Lydia has moved him into, he can't bear to enjoy the world outside. Soon he meets Elsa Hayes from a nearby apartment; a free spirit of similar age determined to enjoy the last years of her life in the most spectacular ways possible, be it running from an expensive restaurant without paying or going dancing like she did when she was young. She teaches Fred that death is not something to be feared, rather a motivation to live the life you have. While Lydia disapproves of her father's newfound romance, he starts to open up, cheer up and realise that his life is far from over.

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'The Michael J. Fox Show' Cancelled? NBC Pulls Thursday Night Sitcom

Michael J Fox Wendell Pierce

NBC has pulled The Michael J. Fox Show from its schedule. The show which airs on a Thursday night at 9.30pm has been effectively cancelled having only shown 15 of its 22 episode run.

Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox at the 2013 NBC Upfront Presentation.

The show, which has aired since September 2013 on NBC, has seen declining ratings. The premiere on 26th September 2013 attracted a large audience of approximately 5.2 million viewers, primarily owing to Fox's return to a sitcom after a 14 year break from series television. Unfortunately, over the passing months, the show's audience figures have declined to less than 2 million, as THR reports. There were seemingly already grumblings from the network executives about the relatively small audiences, as NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt told the same website: "I love the show but would have hoped for a larger audience."

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: 'The Michael J. Fox Show' Divides Critics

Michael J Fox Betsy Brandt Wendell Pierce

Perhaps we were expecting too much. Maybe we thought Michael J. Fox playing himself in a new NBC sitcom was almost too perfect. This was going to be...like...Curb Your Enthusiasm meets The Office right? 

The Michael J Fox ShowMichael J Fox and Betsy Brandt Head Up The Cast For NBC's New Show

The actor's first regular sitcom role since Spin City, The Michael J Fox Show, premieres on NBC tonight (September 26, 2013) following a TV news anchor returning to work after a five-year retirement following a Parkinson's diagnosis. The cast is pretty good, with Fox doing his thing alongside Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt and The Wire's Wendell Pierce - two of the better supporting actors on TV over the past few years.

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NBC's The Michael J Fox Show Seems Feel-Good, Fresh and Funny [Trailer]

Michael J Fox NBC Wendell Pierce Betsy Brandt

Michael J Fox's return to television could turn out to be something very special indeed. He stars in an eponymous show for NBC's Autumn schedule in which he plays Mike Henry, a sufferer of Parkinson's disease who decided to return to his old job in television news after spending years staying at home with his family. Obviously uses his own experiences of Parkinson's, Fox is sharp, witty and funny throughout the new teaser trailer.

The actor first rose to television fame as Alex P. Keaton in 1980's Family Ties before becoming a global mega-star in the Back to the Future trilogy. He bowed out of a starring role on Spin City in 2000, following his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease but gained critical acclaim for his returning appearances on Boston Legal, The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The self-deprecating Fox has always been able to pull in the laughs and he appears to be in top form in the new show, which could become a major player on the NBC schedule if the latest clip is anything to go by. 

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The Onion Offer Apology To Quvenzhane Wallis Over Crude, Offensive, Tweet

Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Quvenzhane Wallis Wendell Pierce Seth Macfarlane George Clooney

Quvenzhane Wallis, the 9-year-old actress nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars on Sunday, has received a personal apology from Steve Hannah, the chief executive of satirical newspaper The Onion, after it tweeted an offensive post about the young star. Wallis was dubbed a "c*nt" in the offensive tweet, that caused a storm during the Academy Awards broadcast.

"On behalf of The Onion, I offer my personal apology to Quvenzhané Wallis and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the tweet that was circulated last night during the Oscars," Steve Hannah wrote on the publication's Facebook page. "It was crude and offensive-not to mention inconsistent with The Onion's commitment to parody and satire, however biting." The offending tweet - "Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c***, right?" - was deleted about an hour after it was posted, though plenty of users, including some celebrities, were up in arms. Wendell Pierce of HBO's The Wire demanded that the publication identify the author of the tweet. "Let him defend that abhorrent verbal attack of a child. You call it humor, I call it horrendous," he tweeted. Pierce later added, "It doesn't matter what the intent was, it was offensive and they should apologize to Quvenzhane."

The Onion's apology continued, "We have instituted new and tighter Twitter procedures to ensure that this kind of mistake does not occur again. In addition, we are taking immediate steps to discipline those individuals responsible. Miss Wallis, you are young and talented and deserve better. All of us at The Onion are deeply sorry." The tweet was posted during a night when Seth Macfarlane joked "it'll be 16 years" before Wallis would be too old for George Clooney.

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Parker Trailer

Parker is a skilled thief with a very specific moral code; never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it and never steal from those with little money. Other than that, he is brutal, doing anything it takes to seize his target along with his so-called loyal team. However, one day he finds that his accomplices are not the people he thought they were when they stab him in the back and leave him to die. As single-minded as ever, Parker assumes the new name and identity of Texas guy Daniel Parmitt and sets out to destroy his former allies for what they did to him seeking an unusual partnership with Leslie:  a local resident of Palm Beach who has inside information on Parker's targets and agrees to help him despite having reservations about his plan to murder every last one of them and take the loot from their latest robbery.

'Parker' is a crime thriller based on the novel 'Flashfire' by Donald E. Westlake. It has been directed by the Oscar winner that is Taylor Hackford ('An Officer and a Gentleman', 'The Devil's Advocate') and written by John J. McLaughlin ('Black Swan', 'Hitchcock') and will be released in cinemas across the UK from March 8th 2013. 

Director: Taylor Hackford

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