We Came From Wolves - Interview

03 March 2014

Interview with We Came From Wolves March 2014

Interview with We Came From Wolves March 2014

Glasgow based band We Came From Wolves are making waves in Scotland with their epic, anthemic, heartfelt rock sound. Their latest EP 'Paradise Place' is a strong statement of intent as the band plan to release their debut album later in the year. They take some time out to chat to us about their influences, hopes for the band and to give us an introduction into their world.

Contactmusic: How did you come up with the name We Came From Wolves?
We Came From Wolves: Without sounding like a complete nerd, I'm very into mythology and love the Romulus and Remus story regarding the founders of Rome being abandoned infants who were found and raised by a she-wolf and then created the biggest empire known to man, so the name comes from that tale.

CM: How did you guys meet?
WCFW: Our hometown of Perth isn't a very big place so you kind of know, or at least know of, anyone who is in the scene and in bands. We had all played in a bunch of different bands and had met through shows and stuff.

CM: What are your biggest musical influences and why?
WCFW: Individually, our influences are pretty varied, but collectively we share a love of a lot of the same bands such as As Cities Burn, The Cribs, Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, Death Cab for Cutie, Queens of the Stone Age and Reuben. They're a few good bands we love to play in the van.

CM: Your songs have quite an epic feel about them - is this intentional?
WCFW: We like big choruses, not necessarily to give a purposefully 'epic' vibe but more of a triumphant feel. Most of the songs we write are very honest and serve as catharsis in dealing with personal issues. However, I always like to mix that up with some hope which is usually brought to you via our choruses.

CM: Where do you see the band in five years' time?
WCFW: In 5 years' time I would love to look back on at LEAST two albums I am thoroughly proud of, and hopefully be touring full time. However, as long as we continue to make music that we are proud of and enjoy, continue to progress as musicians and writers and travel more as a band, improving our live performance consistently as we go, I'll be satisfied.

CM: What are the biggest or best shows you've played to date?
WCFW: We played all over the O2 academy circuit with our N.I. brothers A Plastic Rose back in 2012 and, although they were all the second stages, the venues were class! We also played a Banquet Records showcase with the awesome Tall Ships which was a great show. I think the best shows to date would have been our second ever gig at Bloc when we inadvertently supported And So I Watch You From Afar when they showed up as secret headliners or when we supported Frightened Rabbit in our home town of Perth; just playing those shows then enjoying a gin side-stage whilst watching those bands play was pretty satisfying.

CM: What are your plans after 'Paradise Place' EP?
WCFW: We will be heading on a full UK tour with a couple of Euro dates in Paris and Karlsruhe in March to promote the EP. After that, it's writing time in amongst loads more shows and tours!

CM: The video for the track 'Paradise Place' is quite gritty, can you tell us what it's about?
WCFW: It's a very gritty song; it deals with the ugly side of a place which promises something more. The disdain of small town mentalities, how lack of opportunities can lead to resentment, people changing, changing yourself and trying to figure out why. I wrote the song from the point of view of an outsider looking in and documenting the darker side of this place; the video does its best to capture that vibe and I think it does a good job of that.

CM: What has the support been like for the band so far?
WCFW: The support we have is loyal and passionate. Those who believe in this band have been instrumental in helping spread our songs and videos around and I think that's down, again, to the honesty of the songs. When people like music, they want to invest in it; if they can relate or become involved with the lyrics then they want to take that further and become a part of it by introducing others to it. There are no heirs and graces in my lyrics and I know the things I write about are things a lot of other people go through so when I hear from people connecting to that and sharing our stuff, or coming to a show and singing the words back, it really does make the effort worthwhile.

CM: Are there any plans for an album?
WCFW: We have started work on our debut album and, without heaping too much pressure on ourselves, we would ideally like to have that recorded well before the end of the year - this is all around a busy year of touring and the small matter of actually writing it all so we are gonna be busy boys! That said, we are in a great place creatively just now and have already written four crackers. We are aiming for around 15 to streamline to 10 or 12, but we have so many ideas it may be a challenge actually keeping that number down - we are just gonna need to be ruthless!

CM: Finally, what's the best thing about being a band from Glasgow?
WCFW: We haven't really been in Glasgow that long, so I probably wouldn't class us as a 'Glasgow band', however in terms of being based here, the wealth of other bands, venues and people who go to shows is phenomenal. We are really hoping to break into the scene here this year and give the Glaswegians a right good seeing to! We hope they enjoy it!

Official Site - http://www.facebook.com/wecamefromwolves


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