The first leg of the Kerrang Tour 2015 kicked off with a blast in Norwich on Friday (6/02/15). With Don Broco as the headliners plus We Are The In Crowd, Bury Tomorrow, Beartooth and last minute addition Young Guns all pitching in to put on one of the best shows the University of East Anglia LCR has ever seen. 

Kerrang Tour 2015 - Norwich Live Review

Beartooth opened the show with 'Beaten in Lips' and their energetic performance set the crowd off jumping and singing along. Even those who didn't know the words soon caught on. However, it was clear that this energy tired the band quickly as the space between their songs to get their breath back were perhaps a bit too long. This didn't affect their performance, however, because as soon as the music kicked in they were back, jumping around the stage and encouraging the crowd to sing and jump along too. Performing tracks off their debut album 'Disgusting', the band carried themselves with dignity and showed Norwich exactly what they are about.

Next on the list was Bury Tomorrow. If it was possible for any other artist to scream as clearly as they do on CD then this is the band that does it the best. With the first circle pit of the night created during their first song 'Man on Fire' and shouting 'raise your f***ing hands in the air', the whole venue went crazy, and not once did they put their hands down. It was just a shame that you couldn't hear the clean vocals of Jason Cameron very well over the music. Playing tracks from their albums 'Runes' and 'Union of Crowds', people of all ages, backgrounds and hair colours couldn't help but enjoy them. Even the begrudging parents who wished for earplugs and sat as far away from the speakers as possible couldn't help rocking in time to the music and being ever so slightly amazed at Bury Tomorrow's quality in every breakdown.

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