I know of the Famous Five and the Secret Seven but I don't believe that Enid ever got round to an eight. The Enchanting Eight, the Eager Eight? No matter. We Aeronauts, from Oxford, are a real life eight piece ensemble who's back story sounds as though it could have been crafted as a latter day wheeze full of adventure, youthful exuberance and plenty of Ginger beer! It's the stuff of future folklore.........although my I-Pod tells me it's not folk, it's Country. (It's wrong)

The bands inspiration for their four track EP has been culled from their time together, two years age, on holiday in France. Whilst there it sounds almost as though they've gone out of their way to make themselves come across as so completely not 'Rock N' Roll'. Listing cycling, lake swimming, The Alps, lush countryside and majestic scenery is not the usual want of some angst ridden performers laying bare their soul. It's a far cry from Rollers in swimming pools, TV's hurtling from hotel windows or nights of debauchery with local groupies, but then We Aeronauts and The Chalon Valley EP are a far cry from stereotypical and I'd take their brand of Indie Folk over any Gallagher (esp Liam's) garbage any day.

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