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Super Duper Alice Cooper Trailer

It's fair to say that Vincent Furnier made musical history when he became Alice Cooper; an androgynous shock rocker who spent his teenage years pursuing a career in rock, and certainly not following in his preacher father's footsteps. From his inception, Alice Cooper went against the grain of what is accepted in modern music with over-the-top, gore-filled live shows which at one point saw a chicken get unwittingly murdered by his audience. However, the fun soon got out of hand when Alice Cooper and his band got fully submerged in the rock 'n' roll world of alcohol and drug abuse. Setting up the drinking club The Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper would be hospitalised more than once for his substance abuse issues, getting so obsessed with that world that he would not even be able to remember large chunks of his recording career.

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Crime Comedy Capers in The New Trailer For Paul Walker's 'Hustlers' [Trailer + Pictures]

Paul Walker Norman Reedus Wayne Kramer Elijah Wood

‘Hustlers’, known in the USA as ‘Pawn Shop Chronicles’, has a brand new trailer featuring the late Paul Walker. The film draws together three plotlines - including meth addicted white supremacists, a man looking for his kidnapped wife, and an Elvis impersonator - centred on one place: the pawn shop; the epicentre for the poor trying to catch a break, and the focus of many a ridiculous situation.

Kevin Rankin and Paul WalkerKevin Rankin and Paul Walker in "Hustlers"

And ridiculous situations are ample in the short peek we get in this new trailer. Walker himself seems to have adopted a ‘trailer trash’ character, bemoaning his partner in crime for swapping their shotgun for money to buy fuel. Where did that shop take place? You guessed it. “Man, how the hell we gonna rob Stanley without a shotgun?” a dishevelled Walker asks. Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Brendan Fraser and Norman Reedus (of Walking Dead fame) also star. 

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Hustlers Trailer

The pawn shop is the last resort for most broke people; the place where the impoverished and the desperate sell off their most prized valuables in exchange for an obscenely disproportionate amount of money. In 'Hustlers', it's where three dramatic stories begin; first, a pair of newlyweds find themselves in the shop where, as fate would have it, the groom finds the ring of his first wife who has been missing for some time. While he decides to seek out her kidnapper, a pair of small time criminals are concocting a plan to rob their meth dealer - though their armed robbery plan is inhibited when one of them pawns his shotgun. Meanwhile, one serious-minded Elvis Presley impersonator wishes to pawn his alleged gold Elvis memorabilia as he moves into the town hoping to land a new job in a fairground.

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