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Picture - Warren Brown - 4th Annual... Los Angeles California United States, Thursday 19th June 2014

Warren Brown - 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 19th June 2014

Warren Brown

Borrowed Time - Teaser Trailer

Kevin is a young man in the wrong crowd who's totally run out of cash but is in desperate need to pay back a local gangster named Ninja. Used to only petty crime, he is thrust into a more serious way of picking up money after his friends suggest he try burglary to pay his debt. He ends up breaking into the house of Philip - a pensioner who threatens him with a gun on his arrival. He holds Kevin hostage in his home, but the pair begin to bond over their similar personal issues. Kevin doesn't want to be a pathetic petty thief anymore and he wishes that his ex-girlfriend would take him back, while Philip would do anything to have his youth and agility back.

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Picture - Warren Brown - The Celtic... Glasgow Scotland, Sunday 8th September 2013

Warren Brown - The Celtic XI in the Stiliyan Petrov #19 Legends Charity Football Match - Glasgow, Scotland - Sunday 8th September 2013

Warren Brown

Byzantium Trailer

Clara and Eleanor are a mother and daughter, born two centuries ago as vampires and surviving only on the blood of mortal beings. They escape to an English seaside town and are taken into an abandoned guesthouse by the owner, Noel. While Clara takes on a job as a lady of the night who drains the blood from her clients, Eleanor has dreams of being a writer, chronicling her life as a vampire in pages that she usually scatters in the wind. It isn't long before they are discovered, both by the mortal people of the town and by The Brotherhood; an all-male vampire organisation that seek to find and kill Clara. Eleanor meets a boy called Frank, who she develops feelings for and spills the secrets of her world to, angering her mother who fears for their safety. As knowledge of their existence spreads further and further, they are forced to confront their past and the deadly secrets that come with it.

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‘Good Cop’ Finale Cancelled After Manchester Shootings

Warren Brown

The BBC has pulled the final episode of crime-drama ‘Good Cop’ after the tragic murder of two female police officers in Manchester earlier this week. The four-part series was scheduled to finish on Thursday evening with an episode that featured a violent attack on a female officer, though the scenes were deemed to be sensitive for broadcast.

The BBC said it had a responsibility to avoid further distress and risk upsetting the family and friends of the unarmed police constables Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, who were killed in a gun and grenade attack on Tuesday. A BBC spokesman said, “In light of news events, BBC1 has postponed the final episode of Good Cop due to transmit at 9pm tonight.” The show, starring Warren Brown as P John Paul Rocksavage, began three weeks ago with an episode that featured the killing of a police officer. The show received mainly positive reviews from critics, with Stuart Heritage of The Guardian writing, “…when Good Cop hits its stride, it's fantastic. The last few minutes of the second episode, when Rocksavage decided to commit his second execution, constituted some of the most gripping television of the year”

It is not clear when the final episode of the show will be aired, though audiences were treated to a repeat of Outnumbered instead.