LATEST: Walter Matthau's niece MICHELLE is among those keen to make sure Lionel Richie's ex-wife DIANE gets justice in court - she wants her squashed like a bug.

Michelle Matthau was married to DANIEL SERRANO, who has been charged alongside girlfriend Richie of allegedly injecting patients with illegal anti-wrinkle drugs. And she insists her ex-husband is innocent and it's his lover who should be sent to jail.

Michelle Matthau says, "I don't put anything past Diane Richie. I think she's a bug on the ground and I think she should be squashed.

"She took advantage of him (Serrano) and whatever happened to him she was just using him in some way for her own ends."

Diane Richie was arrested on Monday (15NOV04) for allegedly allowing her boyfriend to operate an illegal cosmetic surgery clinic in her bathroom.

19/11/2004 09:12